Technical documentation for the aircrafts. Creating and updating the manual, maintenance procedures, troubleshooting (AMM, TSM). Greetings of the day dear friends. I am in search of A(CFMA) AMM in PDF documents are normally available in ADOC. Airbus A Tsm. BOOK ID: byku1lDmnQdq [Pdf] Airbus A Tsm DOWNLOAD Book Free. May 9th, – Podle zákona o evidenci.

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Intech | AMM / TSM

If a test calls for a different configuration, this configuration will be described in the AMM. Please help us to share our service with your friends.

Calls attention to methods which make the job easier or provide supplementary or explanatory information. One of these messages may be more accurate than the others. If a ysm appears and disappears several times during the same flight leg, the corresponding fault message is transmitted only at the first detection, but the Ts, warning for a Class 1 fault or the Maintenance Status for a Class 2 fault is displayed every time in the cockpit and transmitted every time to the CFDIU.

In order to be able to launch the proper maintenance actions, all faults: PFR, test result, gsm shooting data if available.

They can be displayed alone without an associated warning or malfunction, in which case they may txm the entry point for maintenance related trouble shooting. This is detailed in the procedure and only mentioned in the list eg: The indexes allow entry using the text of a warning, malfunction or CFDS fault message and are sorted alphanumerically to facilitate this.

Each page of the index is divided into five columns. The messages in this section concern faults detected during flight and on ground, the wording GND preceding the list of messages related to the faults detected on the ground in accordance with the same ground report logic as for type 1 systems.


Introduction The introduction provides the following information: This means that in most ts the cases, the fault message is associated with a cockpit event ECAM warning, local warning, flag, maintenance status This message is called internal.

CXN02corresponds to first aircraft within the second customer version. This architecture provides for a better targeted diagnosis by correlating data between system computers as well as reducing bus links with the CFDIU. Each chapter is sub-divided into sections which gsm identified by a six digit number made up of three elements: Nonetheless, type 2 systems having no specific function during these phases, the probability of occurrence of these cases is very tdm.

Faults detected on ground may be due to maintenance actions on the aircraft and therefore are not to be taken into account e. They tssm similar in structure to the Aircraft Maintenance Manual AMM maintenance procedures and are considered as maintenance tasks. Specific instructions for the wiring check are given where necessary.

The flight condition is located between first engine start up plus three minutes or eighty knots plus thirty seconds if flight plan is not available in the FMS and eighty knots plus thirty seconds after touch down. X320 Power up to 80 kts This does not necessarily mean that an effective failure is present.

This is a configuration management aid.

Report “airbus a32 TSM”. In this case, it will lead to the generation of several maintenance messages one per system. Fault Confirmation – 4. Test re-running after repair of the fault is therefore always necessary to check whether there is another fault or not. Block The primary fault only is given in the TSM to avoid confusion with too many associated faults. Block to isolate the fault.


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Front Matter The front matter contains information on the revision status, management of pages and updating records for the TSM. These are managed as follows: All faults detected by the systems without cockpit event are covered by a CLASS 3 fault maintenance message.

Fault Isolation – 5.

Analysis of this data will be effectively useful in the study which may enable the identification of s320 cause of an event. In most of the cases, computers may be recovered after an abnormal behaviour or a detected fault, either by a software reset reset of microprocessor or by interrupting the power supply of its processing parts for a short time.

There is no ground report function for Type 3 systems. Blockand – the titles of the tasks of P. Confirmation tests of spurious warnings will also be covered, if applicable.

airbus a320 TSM

The other maintenance messages related tem the same fault are called external by the other systems. Size px x x x x Faults detected during flight will generate maintenance messages in the PFR associated with this flight if class 1 or 2 as defined in Para 4. This form of trouble shooting is not recommended.