GHz FHSS-1 RX 6-Channel Full-Range Receiver Operating Instructions Use this receiver with your Airtronics RDS GHz transmitter or . We appreciate your purchase of this new AIRTRONICS. VG or VG Radio System. These instructions are intended to acquaint you with the many unique. Airtronics/Sanwa VG Modes? Radios. All; Planes; Sailplanes; Helis; FPV; Multirotors; Cars; Boats. About Sanwa VG Here you can.

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VG This equipment has been tested in accordance with the requirements contained in the appropriate Commission regulations. If using the receiver with an Airtronics SDG 2. Additional Receivers that will work with the VG Do not pull on the receiver antenna wires with force.

This ensures the safety of your model, yourself, and the people around you. This equipment has been tested in accordance qirtronics the. Page 20 All settings are saved automatically on all models.

AIRTRONICS VG6000 Instruction Manual

All your setting are saved in a eprom chip that does not need any type of airtronis to hold its memory. Manusl contact Airtronics Customer Service. If there is a problem with servo movement, try moving to a different position while still maintaining the same distance from your model, then check servo movement again. Before you fly, make sure that the Bind LED is illuminated solid blue! When you mount the receiver antenna wires, do not bend the reception wires. You only need to read the introduction section and the one that applies to your type of model.


AIRTRONICS VG Operating instructions |

If you have little to no experience operating models, we strongly recommend you seek the assistance of experienced modelers or your local hobby shop for guidance. You will be unable to control your model once it is a certain distance away from you. The manial is susceptible to vibration and moisture. If binding the receiver to an Airtronics SDG 2. Due to differences in the implementation of 2.

Airtronics VG Transmitter dual charger battery pack manual remote control | #

Coaxial Cables Reception Wire If mounting inside manuaal carbon fiber fuselage, the antenna reception wires must be run outside of the model as described in the notation below. This is the optimum angle for use.

The throttle cut feature will do just that. Page 9 NiCd battery pack and antenna. Be careful to line the battery charging port pins when nanual the back cover.

The Trainer system in the VG transmitter allows you to connect any two Airtronics RD series transmitters together for the purpose of training a new pilot. The Bind LED on the receiver will continue to blink slowly. The aitronics speed of the receiver can be affected if used where multiple 2.


We further certify that the necessary measurements were. Mnaual will ensure that your model receives control signals no matter what its posture, attitude, or heading.

Airtronics VG6000 Transmitter dual charger battery pack manual remote control

The coaxial cables the thicker portion of the receiver antenna wires can be bent into gentle curves, however, do not bend the coaxial cables acutely, or repeatedly bend them, or the antenna cores can be damaged. Keep this mind to ensure the safety of your model.

Alternatively, cut two short pieces of plastic tube and slide one antenna reception wire into each piece of tube, then tape or glue the tube to your model. Airtronics is Distributed Exclusively in North America by: Airtronics has invested a large amount of design effort to ensure that the powerful capabilities of the VG are as simple as possible to zirtronics. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Do not attempt to fly with the transmitter in Low Power Mode.