Complete summary of Alejo Carpentier’s The Lost Steps. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Lost Steps. The Lost Steps was first published as Los pasos perdidos in Mexico in It was written whilst Alejo Carpentier was living in Caracas. The Lost Steps, by Alejo Carpentier. I discovered this book on the office charity table and picked it up for a dollar. I had only heard of Carpentier.

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Ultimately, the narrator is a paradox. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. It’s funny how some authors can latch onto certain arcane words and keep coming out with them.

Descriptions that, in my opinion, could have been made in a paragraph or two were drawn out over pages and pages, and I often found myself losing focus before reaching the end of a passage.

Th the fact that he’s a bona-fide sack of shit. Three works of fiction by the inventor of magic realism-now back in print! Refresh and try again. The French mistress character, Mouche, who represents more than anyone else the decadence of post-war European society, is treated particularly unfairly.


He becomes irrationally jealous of the friendship between the two women. Stewart who chose the book in particular had a very nice interpretation of the book — one which bordered on the question of “What is Art?

The legal wife for Rosario is a woman who can send for guards, when he leaves the house where the husband has enthroned deceit, cruelty or alcohol disorders. On a more trivial note, there was an obscure adjective – “telluric” – that was used about ten times in the book.


The Occasional Review: The Lost Steps, by Alejo Carpentier

Is it possible to have an authentic experience of a foreign culture? This novella is particularly interesting because of the multiple, disjointed narrations and its polyphonic structure. But, after read more I realized that it strps has more that music. Many have noted that in The Lost Steps, Carpentier brings together autobiography and the novel forms.

The narrator is aloof and abstruse throughout the first third of the novel.

It spoke to me. This ambiguity in time is relevant to the narrative itself, which is completely invested in the idea of temporality and history. It frustrates me that some authors feel in order to convey a point, they need to be vulgar and inappropriate. He meets Yannes who tells him that Rosario has married Marcos and is pregnant. I read it thirty or forty years ago and I’ve never forgotten it. This novel was written in but is really timeless and not dated. Dec 23, Tony rated it liked it Shelves: Fear of rebuke, of time, of the news of the collectivity that multiplied its forms of slavery.

The narrator realises that he is unable to retrace his steps and his previous experience.

This movement also allows him to reconnect with his music, and while in the heart of the jungle, he is inspired to write his Threnody. Apr 22, Rita rated it really liked it.

I loved the book. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. My basic feeling is that our current pattern of development in the West is a disaster, that it is creating a living environment of astonishing ugliness and sterility, and that this model is being presenting to the rest of the world as the only reasonable goal for progress; and that modern industrial civilization needs to rediscover some of the virtues of alej societies if it is to become a good place for people again.


Just finished reading the book.

The Lost Steps

A small party continues up river in canoes. I read this book in Spanish. Feb 21, C. The party finally reach a native village where the narrator gets the musical instruments he has been commissioned to find.

You are commenting using your Twitter kost. I got to your blog because I was looking for discussion about this book, but I have to say I enjoy your work.

The Lost Steps — University of Minnesota Press

He and Mouche escape to the villa of a Canadian painter friend in a nearby town. But dates were still losing figures. His friend, a museum curator offer to send him on an expedition to recover primitive musical instruments in South America.

I enjoy a lot the part went Rosario I read this book in Spanish. He always wants more – whether it be paper, love, or sexual desire – and he is never satisfied with what he has. His prose is savage and elegant, the worlds he creates as convincing as they are fantastic.