2 About ARexx Programs. Running ARexx Programs; Using ARexx Interactively. 3 Program Examples. Program 1. A function is a program or group of statements that is executed whenever that function name is called in a particular context. A function may be. NAME. Amiga::ARexx – Perl extension for ARexx support. ABSTRACT. This a perl class / module to enable you to use ARexx with your.

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The number of arguments a program receives depends in part on the mode of invocation. BlTkND stringl ; stringS,[pad] The argument strings are logically exclusively- Red together, with the length of the result being the longer of the two operand strings.

This return code is placed in the ARexx special variable RC so that it can be examined by the program. If not, it returns a “function not found” error code and the search continues with the next library in the list.

These commands are always performed, hut the value wmiga the special variable RC is left unchanged. Every clause in ARexx can be classified as either a null, label, assignment, instruction, or command clause.

If the pad character is specified, it is used instead of blanks as the separator character. The end of a source line normally acts as the implicit end of a clause. The interrupt will detect and trap a control-F break request issued by DOS. The words following say form an expression in which strings are joined and an arithmetic calculation is performed.

When the internal function is called.

AmigaOS Manual: ARexx Parsing

Elements of the Language 19 Examples: If arex name argument is omitted, the function returns a string with the resource names separated by a blank space or the pad character, if one was supplied. Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether string2 is an abbreviation of string1 with length greater than or equal to the specified length argument.


The statements are considered as a amjga, as though surrounded by a “DO. Functions called from within an expression must arsxx a result string, and will generate an error if no result is available. Entries can be added at an appropriate priority to control the function name resolution. The following examples are all valid numbers: These include the values retrieved for variables, expanded compound names, and the results of function calls.

The language interpreter sphts the program source into groups of clauses as the program is read, using the end of each line as a clause separator and applying the continuation rule as required. A host is an application with a message port, that listens to ARexx. However, if a very large block has been allocated, arezx it to the pool may avoid memory space problems.

Beginners guide to Arexx — Mikael Lundin Weblog

They have no function in the execution of a program, except to aid its readability and to aamiga the source line count. Error Messages This appendix lists the ARexx error messages. If you doubt a function to work as expected, put say infront. The source for each clause is preceded by its line number in the program.

This unary operator converts the operand to and internal numeric form and formats the result based on the current Numeric Digits settings. Any set of arex that could be “typed ahead” at a command prompt can be prepared in this fashion. Creates a string by copying data from the specified four-byte address.


Files are referenced by a logical name, a case-sensitive name that is assigned to a file when it is first opened. Arexxx the names in the Clip List.

Whether the host answers back with valid return codes or not is up to host. Interactive tracing can be used with any of the trace options.

Beginners guide to Arexx

Finally, a Glossary and aerxx Index are provided. The message port is allocated as a Port Resource node and is linked into the program’s global data structure. Removes an entry with the given name from the Library List maintained by the resident process. A numeric comparison is performed if both operands are valid numbers; otherwise, the operands are compared as strings. ARexx includes source-level debugging facilities that allow the programmer to see the step-by-step actions of a program as it runs, thereby reducing the time required arxx develop and test programs.

The result of the expression must be a boolean value. Unless you arezx very short on memory space, there is usually no reason to close ARexx, as it simply waits in the background for the next program to run. Symbol Resolution Before the evaluation of an expression can proceed, the interpreter must obtain a value for each symbol in the expression. ARexx programs must always begin with a comment line.