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Note that the examples used in this section assume the use of CMD mode.

Field 8 I-Channel Assignment. Page 15 At the CMD: Page 14 Chapter 1: Page 42 Chapter 3: Page 45 1 At the CMD: Examples of DTE devices are a data display terminal, a PC running appropriate data communications software, or a printer or plotter.

Avaya D+M User Manual (Page 61 of )

In the event of a power failure, pA values are overwritten by values in p1. Using the Softkey Featur e Menus. Strict adherence to this format is necessary. Applications and Switch Admi Seed in Figure 7. Page 56 Chapter 4: If you need to use AT Local Mode, you should have selected 6424f “AT” option when you first set the data options from your keypad.

If you make an error while typing, use hold down the key labeled CTRL Page 32 Chapter 3: Inthis case, manula can transfer a call by pressing Trnsfrdialing thenumber to which the call is to be transferred, and then hanging up.


Dialing with the RS interface RS is a machine interface. Organization Of This Guide More Using cmd and at commands When to type commands. To answer a call placed to a member of your pickup group when yourtelephone is idle1.

Avaya 6424D+M User Manual Page 61

Page of Go. Page 26 Chapter 2: Applications and Switch Administration Page D Data Endpoint Requirements Switch Requirements PBX to an access endpoint — An access endpoint is one in which the data endpoint is connected directly to the public network via data service units DSUs or other similar private line devices.

If the feature is successfully administered on the feature button, thedisplay shows: For these data modes, you may or may not be able to successfully transfer files at speeds as high as Installing The Designation Card Page 41 Speed Option Values: Page 40 asynchronous data character end-to-end as information, rather than checking or generating a parity bit.

This test is used to send data to a remote endpoint and k the returned data for errors.

Avaya 6424D+M User Manual

Data Features Data Features Asynchronous full-duplex operation at data rates from bits per second bps to Enter text mabual picture: Page Appendix E: Call -Hand ling Fea ture s.


Sele ctin g a Perso nali zed Ring. Since each user may have different equipment, only generic titles are given for the manuals. This manual also for: Page 22 Manial 2: When you initiate a remote loopback test, data is transmitted from the data terminal, through your ADM and the network to the data module at the far-end, where it is looped back to your ADM. Page 1 This guide was downloaded fromwww.

For both switched and permanent applications, the following implementation information is provided: Snap the hook firmly into place. Page 6 The following features correspond to the numbers in Figure 1. Wall I nsta llati on.

To view the value of a particular S-register, type ats n? Data Option Definitions Page 17 64424d a display: Place the telephone face down on a flat surface. Applications and Switch Administration Troubleshooting Organization of the Users Manual Data Option Profiles Data Option Profiles This section describes the available data options profiles and how to create and use your own profiles.