View and Download Uniden BCDXT user manual online. Trunktracker. BCDXT Barcode Reader pdf manual download. Uniden BCDXT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Uniden BCDXT User Manual, Owner’s Manual. The BCDXT Uniden’s APCO Capable desktop Trunktracker scanner with . on Scanner Master ยท Easier to Read BCDXT Digital Scanner Manual.

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The scanner’s memory is organized in an architecture called Dynamic Allocated Channel memory. The NWS, however, plans to eventually subdivide some large counties.

The stock whip isn’t fabulous. Select ‘All’ if this channel might contain both digital and analog signals. Unit ID Requires firmware 1.


This allows you to start a service, custom, Tone-Out, or Band Scope search without having to go into the menus. There are three types of general locations: Set Lockout the default setting is ‘ Unlocked ‘. Duplicate Frequency Alert – alerts you if you try to enter a duplicate name or frequency already stored in the scanner. See Editing a Custom Search first. ProScan supp ort forum. No until STP is blinking then use the scroll control to select the step size from kHz.

For Explicit mode systems, leave all entries blank.

You can also lock out this wildcard ID so bcd996tx will not receive I-Calls. I hereby absolve myself from anything that happens to anyone or the scanner as a result of the information you will be reading.


Once a system has been created, the system type cannot be changed.

Planning your systems will be very important even if you do have the software. Press to store found tones in Tone-Out Search Mode.

Uniden BCDXT Manuals

Stores location, direction of travel, and speed. Oruse MENU to drill down to the channel options and unlock it there.

Laminated for durability and water resistance, great for GoKits. Some keys don’t work in this mode. To hold on a specific frequency Hold on any channel in a conventional system.

Align the bracket with the threaded holes on the sides of the bcd996xtt case so the bracket is beneath the radio. The user’s radios always listen for activity on the output frequency and transmit on the input frequency.

Weather Scan The scanner starts scanning the preprogrammed weather frequencies and stops on the first good signal. Tone-Out Mode- the mode the radio is in when it’s monitoring paging tones.

This might also damage the scanner. Your scanner’s Close Call feature lets you set the scanner so it detects, alerts you to, bcd996xy displays the frequency of a nearby strong radio transmission. To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture!

To search for tones, leave the tones for A and B at 0. Last Updated December 26, All – The scanner automatically determines whether the audio is analog or digital.

Uniden BCD996XT User Manual

Attenuator – you mabual set the scanner’s attenuator to reduce the input strength of strong signals by about 20 dB per channel, search band, close call band, or trunked system. Your scanner can receive transmissions that use these codes or more commonly referred to as tone codes.


Scroll to ‘ DMS: Select the system you want to assign the Quick Key to. Close Call, Scan, etc. Freq Lockouts allows you to review locked out frequencies or unlock all frequencies for Searching and Close Call search. I should get a Pulitzer. Planning Systems, Sites, and Groups.

Set Modulation conventional only This setting selects the modulation used for the channel. LTR systems are limited to 20 frequencies per system. Turn to adjust the squelch. The scanner automatically unlocks the locked out location when it moves 4 miles or more from the alert point.

Uniden BCD996XT Manuals

The default setting is ignore. To enter a decimal pointpress. Searching only, not Search with Scan. Page 83 For more information about Bccd996xt Scope Mode: For example, if you assign Block 0 as 12, the scanner prompts you for block 2, the next block available, instead of block 1. FM – manul scanner skips known FM frequencies. On the Program System menu, select the system you just created. At ‘ Quick Search?