Lietuvos edukologijos universitetas (Psichologija 06 S) dešimtų ir dvyliktų klasių Lietuvos mokinius iš 21 bendrojo lavinimo ir profesinio rengimo mokyklos, . Pradžia > PSICHOLOGIJA 40 > BENDROSIOS TRANSFORMACINIO apie savo tiesioginių vadovų elgesį (Bendroji transformacinio vadovavimo skalė, . Šiais metais Lietuvos psichologų kongreso tema „Psichologija sveikatai ir Psichologijos taikymą medicinoje įtakojo bendroji sveikatos samprata (PSO, ).

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The results show that There are significant age differences in driver anger.

In the studies of early childhood development, it is difficult to differentiate between correlates of post facto resiliency outcomes and attributes of age-appropriate positive functioning. Intensive emotions, especially anger and stressors in interpersonal relationships, had a major impact for the respondents in the process of suicide.

The research implies that chronology of Lithuanian psychology textbooks in the analyzed period was mostly determined by certain historical and political circumstances. The goal of the research was to determine the pecularities of and correlations between illness perception and health locus of control of alcohol-addicted people. Scientists do not agree about homogeneity of GT and raise questions about different versions and amount of GT versions. This research was funded by a grant No. Psychology of monogamy — The psychology of monogamy deals with the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that commonly occur in monogamous relationships.

While comparing subjects according to education, appearance, self-representations of knowledge and comprehension diverged. Images were selected to represent all affective levels from the least pleasant and arousing to the most pleasant and arousing during each experimental session.

Raidos psichologija

All of them had been nursing a relative till the death from an incurable disease. In respect to the problems mentioned above, we raised the aim of this research: These investigations were encouraged by the success of the Five-factor Model research on adults: The terms of single and double dissociation are introduced. The HiPIC is bendromi instrument to assess the five dimensions of the five-factor model psichologijz children between 6 and 12 years.


Antrajame etape atliktas empirinis tyrimas dalyvavo tiriamieji, reprezentuojantys 8 Lietuvos organizacijas. Moreover, very little is known about the mechanism of neutralization establishment and changes of prevalence in groups of people with different criminal experience, and the available data are controversial.

All subjects participated in four experimental sessions. Psychology The separation of from philosophy — The separation of psychology from philosophy Studies in the sciences of mind — Edward S. In conclusion, the Lithuanian Psychological Empowerment Questionnaire LPEQ can be characterized as an instrument with appropriate psychometric properties for the use in research and practice.

The cross-informant correlations ranged from 0.

general psychology

Various attitudes about theory for different GT versions emerge. To examine the personal constructs system in female patients with eating disorders.

The importance of self-regulatory capacities for developmental outcomes and behaviors has been well documented in the literature.

Participants were administered also a questionnaire measuring a variety of demographical characteristics and driving-related factors. In face of substantial and unbiased empirical evidence published in scientific psidhologija beforeresearch questions were raised about extant verifiable explanatory knowledge as well as implications for countries just starting such research. So, intelligence structure and subtests analysis, rather than IQ, became the focus of interpretation, and a multidimensional view of intelligence, provides a greater insight into the nature of human abilities than do summary intellectual indexes.

Those whose body mass index is higher also more often reported to be victims of bullying than those with a lower body mass index.

Besides, self-efficacy influences the perceived collective efficacy, and the collective efficacy influences the stress level. A greater level of compassion satisfaction pxichologija also associated with the participants of the study considering themselves believers and church visiting.

This model, as compared with the five-factor model, has an advantage in psycholexical, theoretical as well as practical terms Ashton and Lee, Most of them have reported being bullies themselves. The analysis of theoretical and empirical research on early self-regulation has shown that the concept of self-regulation is multidimensional and covers a continuum from benrdoji and controlled regulation to unconscious and automatic regulation.


For each of these confirmatory analyses, a two-factor model was compared with the general one-factor model. The participants were Lithuanian-speaking adolescents from sixth-seventh grades of Vilnius schools, mean age The research involved Lithuanian employees representing different size and type organizations.

The idea pschologija choosing the particular version of GT for research is becoming more prominent than psicchologija. The HiPIC measures 18 facets grouped into five dimensions: At the end of the study, there were discovered and identified 13 essential aspects, 5 directions, and 2 fundamental spaces of meaning-making for the bereavement.

PSICHOLOGIJA by Grazina Dokurno on Prezi

The other changes in the area are qualitative changes in social relations. Many of these fatalities involve aggressive driving. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. This article is one of the first attempts to translate and use Lithuanian terms of GT in the field of psychological research. In some occasions, team work results in poor performance outcomes because of social loafing or interpersonal conflicts.

The research showed a significant correlation between illness perception and health locus of control only for men: While evaluating individuals aged 12 to 89 years, it is better to interpret two factors verbal and nonverbal abilitieswhereas while evaluating individuals aged 6 to 11 years, it is better to interpret one factor general intellectual ability. Students with a low level of career indecision paid more attention to the internal factors such as a hobby.

Both parents showed more emotional warmth to their daughters, while fathers but not mothers showed more rejection towards their sons. All HiPIC items were translated and retranslated into Lithuanian by professional translators with the author of the inventory supervision during all three phases of the research.