Photos published by Birzieciu Zodis. In the last few years I’ve been photographing the Strongest Man Competition for couple of newspapers in. BIRŽIEČIŲ ŽODIS, UAB laikraštis (Vytauto g. 18, BIRŽAI) – update information. Phone, + Fax, + E-mail, [email protected] Internet address, Company management. Turnover, LTL /.

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We hope that next time everything will go just as planned.

Su “Klasika” – į pirmąją Lietuvos sostinę! | “Klasika”

Mode of life was improved by the EEA project funds: Neringa, who did her hair, and had a hat with a vail, but did not have time to buy a dress form Next to Pabirze, all of the participants unite.

To find out more, including how to control zkdis, see here: Children spends time here: The furniture, birziecih electronics and computer hardware, sports and game equipment and music and art education instruments will be bought. We must also not forget to give a very big thank you to Birzai Aero Club for giving us a place to camp. Holocaust Survivors Publishing Co. Participants also checked their knowledge with a thorough classic transportation equipment quiz. The most right answers from a birzieciu zodis hard quiz came from Robertas Tamulevicius.

During this training the staff has gained a lot of knowledge they needed. Courtyard of the day center was equipped with a playground for children.

After being introduced to the downtown of Birzai, the participants were escorted to the Birzai airport, where food, drinks, a special concert, fun and flying with planes were waiting for them. After enjoying the music, participants birzieciu zodis awarded diplomas and special prizes.

Naujausi įrašai

It was set out in the following topics: The Latvians were invited by the people of Birzai. Lionginas says that he has two motorcycles ready for parades. The most beautiful and original was of the Grigoraitis family from Vilnius who came with a Jeep Willy.


Also the training was provided for youth and children. The final stages of outside work of a future day care center with an open space for youth, and busy season inside. Not a surprise why the viewers are appreciating not only the automobiles, but also the owners who have put in their own sweat to make this beautiful event happen.

Is it possible to repair a building, which was decomposing for years? The first longer stop was at Sirvintai Road repair workers place. Courtyard of the day center is equipped with a playground for children. Participants and the viewers were amazed by the park in Astravas Palace and the palace itself because of its astounding tower. When the clock struck the needed time, the participants gathered and said its goodbyes to Kernave and started driving towards the villa in Valiukiskiai, where a traditional evening would take place: This site uses cookies.

The turnout is beyond great!

With “Klasika”, to Lithuania’s first capital

The first floor will be devoted to the kitchen, dining room and exercise rotoms. Maybe someone creates a new business here? Later the men would explain how they started to prepare for the parade in winter, and still had much to do weeks before the parade.

Work is progressing on schedule, the painting of the building facade is finished, windows and doors are changed. And that was not even the end. Firstly, when the representatives of fund initiated the Project, they bougt premises — a house in old town in J.

Automobiles are expensive, parts extremly rare, and gas milage is birzirciu less than those of new cars. It is very pleasant to see that the owners of classic vehicles not only prepare their equipment for the birzzieciu and the parade, birzieciu zodis also to get in the role by dressing up to their particular year that their automobile or motorcycle is from.


Informacija – Puslapis 2 – Vilties Šviesa

After being introduced to the downtown of Birzai, the participants were escorted to birzieciu zodis Birzai airport, where food, drinks, a special concert, fun and flying with planes were waiting for them. So without the sponsors, the club would have it very hard. A few participants even tried to buy the recipe of soup, but the cooks were unwilling to give away zkdis secret.

While people were enjoying the zods classic automobiles, the participants of the show were not being bored because they were on a tour of Birzai Castle which was built in following the Italian basilica style. The wonderful performance by the singer was very cherished by the audience.

Alma, Austejus, and Sigitas dressed up like real retro lovers, even the dog Kite has a proper hair due. While choosing the most beautiful automobile, there was no debate when the borzieciu went to a Mercedes Benz W The owner of this extraordinary vehicle is Ricardas Rajuncius birzieciu zodis a neighboring town — Panevezys. The older foster children of the fund want to have a separate space. Also the training birsieciu provided for youth and children.

The main prize from the sponsors was won by the viewers favorite Moskvich whose owner is Robertas Tamulevicius from Vilnius, who decorated his car with old luggage on the roof rack. The training was organized by Institute of Family Relations.

Children spends time here: