Welcome to the issue of the BMFA Member’s Handbook. The BMFA is constantly reviewing it’s advice to model flyers and it regularly advises the Civil. The BMFA is the body delegated by the Royal Aero Club to be responsible for all aspects of model flying in Great Britain. The BMFA has around clubs affiliated to it, with a combined membership from clubs and View Members Handbook. This website issue of the BMFA Member’s Handbook is the latest version of the Handbook, complete with all additions and.

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Be aware that many electric models handnook have propellers that sometimes ‘windmill’ on the glide. This report will include a recommendation of action to be taken and will be in the order below – 1.

Driving to the flying strip to unload is not permitted unless the member has a disability hanxbook they have been authorised to do so by the field rep or another committee member. In order to pass you must answer all correctly. Club members are asked to work out a sequence of flying on the day when gandbook is a mix of model types. The guidelines in b above should be followed for the take-off and circuit but the candidate must do a full power check of ‘full and free controls’ before taking-off and you should watch carefully for this.

The Investigation Committee report and a copy of the letter of warning will be retained by the Secretary for a period of one year, after which it will be destroyed. If the Committee handboook the incident to be of sufficient importance, or it is a repeated offence they may handobok an ad hoc Investigating Committee comprising the club Chairman, the relevant Field Rep and the Secretary for constitutional advice and documentation purposes.

Don’t forget that you can use any local rules which you know and which the candidate should be aware of. With bfa controllers it is quite likely that the prop will be stopped at some points in the approach and also during the actual landing. Therefore, members wishing to operate such models are required to seek the permission of the full Committee who will take into account the qualification, skill, and experience of the applicant.

Items for discussion under Any Other Business must be submitted to the Secretary 7 days in advance. A hovering area is designated at the north-west corner of the mown area. You need a clothes peg marked with your name and channel number. Upon receipt of the report of the Investigating Committee the Chairman or designate will take the following action: The transmitter should not be laid on the ground and if no one is available to hold it then you should offer.


As an examiner, however, you should prepare yourself thoroughly for any testing that you do and you are encouraged to sort out your own list of sensible questions.

EGM will be decided on a simple majority. Most model aircraft clubs will usually have a number of instructors and generally their help is provided free hsndbook charge to club members. It can be a point in the flyer’s favour if, in the case of the take-off going wrong, they abandon it in a safe manner.

Jet Operators should start their aircraft away from other models at the extremities of the pits, well clear of other models and people. Current opinion is that if such a list is published then candidates will also be able to study the list and will not need to study the BMFA handbook and this is probably not a good handdbook. If the answer is YES, then the most important aid you can have in learning to fly is an instructor. Members are required to comply with specific rules for the safe and considerate conduct of flying at HWDMAC sites as stated below.

The pilot should do as many circuits as they feel comfortable with although this will very seldom be more than two. Watch out for the downwind leg not being flown parallel to the upwind leg and the turns being flown either too tight or too wide most will try to fly them too tight and almost try to put a ninety degree ‘snap’ turn hamdbook which is NOT required. Slightly varying height and somewhat inconsistent lines are not necessarily reasons to fail the candidate but they do give you a good indication of the pilot’s general level of competence and could influence your final decision.

Neither Flackwell nor Chinnor sites are well suited hajdbook the operation of large models i. This is quite acceptable if they are competent but watch out for the pilot who hasn’t practised enough. Any decision you make on the landing area for the ‘A’ rest must obviously not be more restricted than this but if you feel that the site and conditions warrant some relaxation of this distance then it can certainly be allowed.

As an Examiner, the level of competence you should expect of a candidate should be based on that criterion; that is ‘is this person, in your opinion, fit to be allowed to fly unsupervised’.

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Propellers have been known. The issues, therefore, are not only the quality of the training provided but more importantly the safety issues of a pilot taking over the control of a model plane from a novice, in an emergency situation, when the pilot may themselves be inexperienced. Please refer to the site maps at Section 5 for details. All voting at an. The ‘A’ Certificate is a measure of flying ability and safety which “may be equated to a safe solo standard of flying” and an increasing number of clubs use it as their ‘solo’ test.


Please see the field plans or speak to a committee member or instructor if you are unsure. The manoeuvre finishes, as in the diagrams, with the model flying into wind across the front of the pilot at standard line and height, not with another turn away.

Review and approval of subscriptions for next year.

BMFA Handbook ยป Keighley & District Model Aircraft Club

It doesn’t matter how well the candidate can fly, if they cannot answer the safety questions they should not pass. The club membership list spread sheet identifies which members are BMFA qualified instructors and examiners. The result of this will almost inevitably be that the final turn of the manoeuvre will be too close to the pilot and may finish up as a ‘panic’ turn.

If a take-off is aborted in a safe manner you should immediately reassure the candidate that they will not be penalised for taking correct actions, even though these may conflict with what the test requires. Should the visitor not have a BMFA A test or equivalent, they must be supervised by somebody who does while the visitor is controlling a model.

Start the engine and get behind the propeller as soon as possible; do the engine adjustments from behind the engine. If insufficient members are present, another meeting must be arranged as soon as possible. From the strip and nearby. Tuesday – after 6 p. Anything other than a good landing should mean that the candidate makes a more thorough check of the aircraft, possibly up to a full pre-flight check of the model if, for instance, it has turned over at the end of the landing run which uandbook happen even on the best landings.

Height and Speed The ‘A’ certificate candidate should be a reasonably confident pilot, even though they may only have been flying for a few months. It is not expected that the test will be taken with an electric powered glider, however, as the Silent Flight Electric ‘A’ Certificate would be more appropriate to that type of model.

An handbiok will also hqndbook check your newly built model to ensure that it is airworthy.

Club Rules

The manoeuvre does not specify any particular type of circuit so main thing to watch out for here is sensible circuit management with the model not being dived steeply or held off in too flat a glide. Take off should be reasonably straight with the model not being pulled off the ground too soon.

The recommendations of the Committee will be communicated only to the person accused of the infraction.