ACOSS. ANNUAL ACCOUNTS. 2 0 1 4 surcharges and penalties, in represents € Bn (+% compared to ). ▫ . URSSAF office, financed by ACOSS by an Bordereau Récapitulatif de Cotisations. to replace the “bordereau récapitulatif de cotisations” (BRC) may affect slightly in Q2 for the first time since summer – 2, jobs i.e. Scope : France excluding Mayotte; Source: Acoss-Urssaf, Dares, INSEE. RECAPITULATIF DES ÉLÉMENTS D’IMPOSITION (Ces résultats sont à Dans la mesure où les nouvelles cotisations de ont été assises sur les Fiscale qui devait transmettre ses données aux URSSAF. en ZRR). admet cependant que le fournisseur établisse un bordereau récapitulatif annuel de ces.

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tableau recapitulatif urssaf pdf – PDF Files

The survey information on the standard of living of this part of the population, contributing to better address key issues of public policy. It includes two components: The data collected provide evaluations by region and according to the divisions of the NAF rev. Survey on trade between subsidiaries These surveys aim to increase knowledge on the French contribution to economic globalisation, through the quantification of goods traded between subsidiaries of industrial groups, be they French or not.

They provide quantified analysis of daily life, both globally number or hours spent on professional or house work and for specific population groups time use by the unemployed, the elderly, students, housewives….

Agri-environmental measures data from to Ensembles des Mesures agro-environnementales souscrites entre et Survey on non-hazardous waste large commercial establishments This survey which was carried out in allows us to assess the amounts of non-hazardous waste generated nationally by these establishments and better understand their management. Other Collective Tourist Accomodation Occupancy Survey Occupancy surveys in other collective tourist accomodation aim to observe the occupancy of these etablishments in relation to the economic situation.

The survey is carried out every five years and in every Member State of the European Union. Les plateformes en ligne mettent en relation des particuliers ou des professionnels en vue de la vente ou du partage d’un bien une bordereak, un logement, une perceuse etc.

Vital data – deaths – Annual death samples are built to study mortality differences by integrating elements other than gender or age. L’intention des auteurs de l’amendement est double: Les biocarburants proviennent de la biomasse par opposition aux carburants fossiles. Household wealth surveys These surveys analyse the distribution of household wealth usrsaf asset detention rates and their evolution.


Q1 New estimation Rev. Projet de loi de finances rectificative pour In Q2payroll employment slowed down in the private business sector and declined in public service Payroll employment – second quarter Cette prorogation semble utile au regard des dates de conclusion et d’application des conventions: Survey on non-hazardous waste industrial establishments The surveys on production of non-hazardous waste by industrial companies is conducted jointly by INSEE and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Parmi les plateformes les plus rfapitulatif, on peut citer RcapitulatfAirbnbDrivy ou encore Zilok.

Consumer price index The consumer price index is the instrument to measure inflation. C’est l’objet de l’amendement FINC. Household budget The aim of the household budget survey is to put together the entire household accounts: Annual business survey on agrifood companies Annual survey ursaf agrifood companies with at least 20 employees or with a minimum turnover of 5 million euros.

Le réseau des Urssaf

D’une part, le Gouvernement doit respecter trois conditions de forme. Financial Links between Enterprises This survey aims to identify and outline the groups of enterprises operating in France. This operation is carried out in partnership with municipalities, and it enables to account for every person living in France, regardless of their geographic origin or nationality. Guarantee Bpifrance’s support through guarantees for loans granted by banking partners.

These surveys enable a better understanding of unemployment regarding the labour market situation. The aim of this survey is to assess national levels of non-hazardous waste production, by physical volume and classed by type of waste and by sector of activity. Birth registration is carried out in the locality where the child was born. Environmental protection studies and investments Measuring investments and studies made by manufacturers towards protecting the environment.

Unified Corporate Statistics System FICUS aims to compile a complete and coherent set of individual data and statistics on enterprises through the exploitation of a fiscal source, which constitutes the “core” of the rvapitulatif and brings together the company profit declarations to the then Tax General Directorate DGI now DGFiP.

These surveys having varied over the years sincetherefore the following list is not exhaustive, nor will each annual survey necessarily contain all the following information. It therefore enables to calculate the distribution for all income types and analyse the income structure within households, between its members whether in terms of urssag from work, capital income, pensions, social benefits or transfers form one household to another.


Il serait utilisable par une plus grande proportion du parc automobile. Housing surveys Started inits sample plan covered 43 homes in System for Information on Civil Servants By the constitution of a statistical file, from diverse administrative sources, the System for Information on Civil Servants allows to know staff and payments of the agents of the civil service.

Comparaison du taux d’abattement fiscal applicable par zone et par cotisationz de conventionnement. Innovation Bpifrance’s support through refundable advances, subsidies and qualifying innovative companies under French innovation funds FCPI. European Community Households Panel The panel, started indescribes all the various income sources per household member. Companies answer the survey if they innovate, then specify their whether practices through dedicated procedures, assisted by third parties… for each of the 73 competences.

It allows to know the workforce, the nature of the work and remunerations for the three Civil Servants.


These changes are likely to generate more revisions than usual to data. Home care The nature of bordereay collection of information collected is specific compared wtih the other data fields of hospitalization.

En outre, une part substantielle des annulations est artificielle: Local knowledge on production systems This information system receives feed from various sources with the main purpose of providing localised statistics, from the workplace and widening out to town level, on employee work conditions and salary for various private and non-private activities.

Organisational changes and information technologies These surveys focus on computerisation and organisational changes within companies and their use of information technologies. Time use The objective of time use surveys is to collect data on the way individuals organise their time. Surveys on economic data outputs in the marine fishing industry Bordereaj surveys cover accounting information business revenue, production costs, jobs Actual normal profits Individual file extraction for companies under the tax system of the Industrial and commercial profits – normal scheme.

They also gather exhaustive information explaining asset management and handling: These data are made available to third-party researchers within the framework of the Bpifrance calls for projects or specific collaborations. The surveys also gather information on the level of household debt and its composition.

L’auteur de l’amendement le justifie par les faits suivants: