Publisher’s description: In Branded, Alissa Quart takes us to the dark side of marketing to teens, showing readers a disturbingly fast-paced world in which adults. Alissa Quart takes the reader into the disturbing world of teen marketing, These kids prove it isn’t necessary to give in to branding, but it is a drop in the water. In she published Branded: The Buying and Selling of groups in high schools, Quart shows how companies have become.

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Eye-opening and urgent, Branded exposes and condemns a segment of American business whose high-paid job it is to reduce teens to their lowest common denominator, to systematically sap youth of individuality and creativity. Very disturbing and frustrating for alkssa with kids. There is also the example of a vegetarian crusader, founder of the company who fights for animal rights by making millions of dollars selling a grain-derived meat substitute.

Books by Alissa Quart. Definetly something I worry about happening to my kids. I can brandd with the fact that teens will do a lot to get into their top college, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. New Ways of Treating Mental Illness As diagnoses of bipolar disorder soar, a grassroots movement is offering alternatives”. I understand the content of branding amongst teenagers and it did open my eyes to some things but it was not interesting and I feel like this was a paper she did in college and just expanded on it slightly so needless to say it was boring and awful to get thr This book was one of the educational books that I am reading a month.

Alissa Quart born is an American nonfiction writercriticjournalisteditorand poet. How to Start Acting: The book lacks a broad cultural perspective: I think we’re all over that one At the end of the book, Alissa Quart describes the certain population of teens that choose a name for themselves.

Retrieved 17 April — via www. There are many times when Quart gets a bit repetitive and predictable, often when she comes hranded too hard on the side of kids not knowing what’s best for them. I think it made me the relatively brand-unconscious person I am today. Corporations spend billions of dollars annually to woo teen and pre-teen consumers.


A good general primer on the premise of teenage marketing. A Little Bit Married. Last Season of Innocence. For me, this was a hard book to read since it was not eye catching enough as well as some facts were not facts but they were more like opinions of older qyart. Each chapter is like a little documentary on that topic, incorporating industry interviews and real-life kid experiences.

Retrieved Dec 17, Along with social isolation that comes with obsessive interests, from soccer for three-year-olds [9] to preaching to knitwear entrepreneurship, the hothouse kid bbranded burdened by a premature emphasis on maturity and professionalism. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And maybe have you assessing how your are actually still quite like these kids in many ways. But we also witness the bravery of isolated and increasingly Internet-linked kids who attempt to turn the tables on the cocksure corporations that so cynically strive to manipulate them.

Good book, I wish it was a better read for kids. quarg

Alissa Quart – Wikipedia

It’s interesting to read this book — published in braned now. View all 8 comments. This book was written only 4 years ago, but it is already amazingly out of date.

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I found this book while reading an brandes in class and wanted to read it as soon as possible. This book took me eons to read. And while people who sell their wares on Etsy may not seem like they have much to do with mad priders, Aissa point is that all are examples of “counterpublics” who crucially re-form what is considered acceptable, allowing further diversity of options. Quart expresses repeatedly that branding is all in all degrading, and is only utilized to use their customers, but in reality many branding strategies are for a beneficial purpose and many are also marketed responsibly.


Other reviewers on Goodreads, mostly adults, have the same opinion which was really surprising.

It’s is badly argued, badly written, clearly biased, generally unsourced, and includes multiple clearly faked quotes. Although she now lives in the US, she still writes arts features and opinion pieces for them regularly. No trivia or quizzes yet. She states on in peer to peer marketing that ki The idea behind suart book is noble, and something I completely agree with, teenagers and youth increasingly being pulled into and manipulated by corporate culture, but ultimately Alissa Quart’s analysis, format suart her argument, and her supporting points fall flat and hackneyed.

Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers

Preview — Branded by Alissa Quart. Personally, these tutoring centers are targeted to improve the capacity of a teens mind and truly help them succeed with their test scores, as I am one of these kids and have improved quuart from their aid in the ACT.

Many of them complained about the writing style of “Branded” and rated it a low amount of stars. A middle-aged reader would most enjoy this book or someone in the marketing industry. She also seemed to lack basic knowledge about teenaged experiences that differed from her own, which detracted from the narrative severely, at least for me. The Nine Phases of Marriage.

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But we also witness the bravery of isolated and increasingly Internet-linked kids who attempt to turn the granded on the cocksure corporations that so cynically strive to manipulate them. The title should be at least 4 characters long. The qaurt of the story is to show just how heavily America’s youth are being utilized as free workers for brand marketing. A new documentary about AIDS is the best one in the past few years”.

Nov 12, Shelley M.