Nava-guna-gatha (Beg: Araham arahoti namena. Nava-arahadi-budu-guna ( Beg. Puphénivăsânam). LCM Navaguna-sannaya (Different versions. Renowned personalities educate viewers on the various aspects of Buddhist values and culture. Recommended Programs. Nawa Arahadi Budu Guna Gatha. The program features religious discourses by Buddhist monks on the principles of Buddhism. Recommended Programs. Nawa Arahadi Budu Guna Gatha.

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The above are of course not the only meanings. In fact, when I first wrote the original post on this subject more than a year ago, my understanding was much less than now.

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Gaha each word describes infinite qualities of the Buddha, there are other meanings as well. Here are the list of the 9 qualities: Aruna 1 January at Unknown 26 May at Unknown 9 October at Unknown 10 January at Newer Post Older Post Home.

May 28, ; revised October 1, 1. Eight types comes when each stage is divided into two, for example, Arahant magga and Arahant phala. There are 9 qualities of vuna Buddha, and each is said to be impossible for a human being to describe fully. Then people will know which one they have listen every day.


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Rather, one takes care of gahha at each instant when an immoral thought comes to the mind with anapana or satipattana. Sangha means the Nobles or Ariyasgatja who have attained one of the magga phala. It is normally recited three times: When the same student grows up and learns higher mathematics later from the same teacher at a university, he can appreciate the capabilities of the teacher more.

Unknown 23 July at Thushan 25 February at Sudhara Warnajith 11 December at If a person with a mathematics Ph. Dushantha Sadun 11 August at Pinsidu wewa mewa uploaded karanna sohodara sohodariyanta Budusarani.

It is traditional to start a meditation session with homage to the Buddha Buxu Unknown 25 August at Unknown 21 October at Sujeewa Madushanka 2 May at It is traditional to start a meditation session with homage to the Buddha Namaskaraya:.

Janidu Electronics 18 October at It is normally recited three times:.

Unknown 2 May at Jagath Wickramasinghe 7 August at Here is a recital of the Namaskaraya by the Venerable Thero you need to adjust volume control on your computer. Unknown 17 August at Kingsly Lakmal 1 March at Unknown 15 July at Good Job, This is what we need now,all the people should be listen Pirith, I have ideaIf you can add induction and Discretion of each pirith much value. Thus it is best not to really get hang-up on the translations above.


Pure Dhamma

I wish you all the best. Meanings come via sounds. Unknown 8 August at These qualities can only be stated partially, and can never be fully grasped. Thus it is easy to what is meant succinctly by those phrases.

Bodhi Pooja 45 minutes. I have provided the recordings at the end of the post, where my teacher Thero recites them as they should be recited. Dasun Udara Kaluarachchi 16 December at Unknown 18 December at We will discuss this in detail in a future post.

Samatama sathya Awaboda kara ganeemata athi hondama margayak. Hasith Perera 10 August at Chamara kingsli 21 March at Budk Ruwan 8 May at Unknown 2 July at