of the content of the previous/ existing HLURB CLUP Guidebooks? Two Comprehensive Plans Mandated by the Local CLUP Guidebook Volume 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT HLURB would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following in the preparation of this Guide given their active. VOLUME 2: CLUP – ZONING ORDINANCE | ii. Table of Contents. Municipal as provided for in the Ordinance. CLUP Guidebook Volume 3.

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Where yearly provincial popn. And as they say, knowledge is power. Discuss why majority of the population speak a certain dialect by relating it to the municipalitys location and immigration trend. Other things you will find handy: CDR is computed by dividing the number of deaths in a given year by the mid-year population of the same year multiplied by 1, Po157,PR2 1 0.

Discussions on variances, exceptions, easements, buffers, green spaces, and other mitigating measures are in this volume. Finally, we also would like to convey our sincere appreciation to those whose names may not appear in the list but have contributed unselfishly in the completion volumr this Guidebook.

CLUP Guidebook Volume 2

The population pyramid of the Philippines has a broad base, that is, a very large proportion of volkme belongs to younger age groups. Where can we get those? Population, as defined in the Glossary of Definition of the National statistical Coordination Board NSCB is the total number of individuals in a territory at a specified time. It refers to the number of deaths per 1, population.

Sex Guidevook Sex Ratio is simply the number of males per females in a population. Population density is considered in planning water supply, drainage sewerage and energy systems since the concentration of potential consumers is ideal for the construction of physical facilities such as pipelines and transmission lines. Changes in population outcomes also affect the formation and use of productive resources natural, economic and human capital.


It does not acquire dynamism in it unless one ask: Urban 1 2 3 Sub total B. guidebpok

The EnP Board Review Series: Part 5 – Your planning bibles – Little Miss Urbanite

Housing and Community Development An increasing population connotes an increasing demand for housing with necessary amenities and livelihood opportunities.

Compare the urban and rural household population distribution in guidrbook study area.

Women here consist of married and unmarried women. Roque Arrieta Magno, Arch. Rural population refers to population residing in rural barangays as classified by the NSO. Every chapter provides an introduction, objectives, key inputs, expected outputs from the working groups, key participants, and the substeps per all of the 12 steps in the CLUP process.

This is an important concept because it vuidebook an excellent summary measure of current fertility that is comparable from population to population. The simplest way of looking at it is to look at doubling time of population. You are commenting using your WordPress.

The main output of these studies is the delineation of areas that experience environmental stress such as degraded coral reefs, polluted rivers, depleted groundwater resources, blighted urban areas and others. But the composition of dependents changes. Status of Present Environment Settings and ProblemsAn assessment of the overall environmental quality of the area may be culled from the concerned sectoral studies and cross-referenced with the results of natural and other physical related studies.

It is essential to take into account population projections, its size and characteristics, at city and municipal levels, which would serve as basis for estimating future needs and potentials in short and long-range planning.

Your review materials did help me a lot in my journey to environmental planning and passed my licensure exam,too. Refer to sample working Table 3. Celestino Ulep for the technical editing works. We have to follow her through time. Some were concerned on whether they would have to read the books because the contents might not be included in the exam.

If projection by single year is available, use the same to facilitate computation. These projections are primarily used as basis for estimating future needs for basic services e.

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The EnP Board Review Series: Part 5 – Your planning bibles

The age-sex composition of the Philippine population is represented by the expansive pyramid. This volume is highly technical, but with the steps given, is also easy to follow. Gudiebook Mortality RateThe average number of children that would be born alive to a woman during her lifetime if she were to pass through her childbearing years conforming to the agespecific fertility rates of a given year The guidfbook of deaths among women years old from pregnancy-related causes perlive births in a given periodNational, regional, provincialNational, regional, provincialEvery 5 years Vital Statistics Report, NSO 2 Technical Working GroupMaternal and Child Mortality, NSOII.

A total dependency ratio can be obtained by combining both dependency ratios. Refer to Table 8. As we said, as fertility declines, the age structure changes such that the proportion of population aged 65 and over increases. Gross Density is the ratio of the total population of an area say barangay, city or municipality to the total land area.

CLUP Guidebook Volume 2 – [PDF Document]

Apply the PR computed above item b to the projected population 15 years and over item c to get the projected labor force. Education The age structure and population age groups determine the number of school-going age population, and their impact on educational facilities and manpower requirements.

It does not show that mortality is high among the infants and highest among the gujdebook elderly. Obtain the latest household population 15 years and over by sex and employment status. Basically, we go through everything a local government is about. Thus, they also affect development process as well as environment outcomes.