Installation. First, on server01 install the nagios package. In a terminal enter: sudo apt install nagios3 nagios-nrpe-plugin. You will be asked to enter a password. 4 days ago Nagios is one of the most widely used open source monitoring tool for monitoring the services and application that run’s on Windows and Linux. How to Install Nagios (Monitoring Server) on Ubuntu , and LTS systems. Install Nagios Plugins with Nagios Core on Ubuntu.

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When i try to login to Nagios in my web browser and after having repeatedly enter my login and password on my Nagios pagei get this:.

Your name can also be listed here. Install Nagios 4 Core in Ubuntu and Debian 3.

How to Install Nagios 4 on Ubuntu 18.04 & 16.04 LTS

November 8, Last Updated: Download the release to your home directory with the curl command: As ubuntuu writing this, the latest version was 4. Log In Sign Up. To open it use:.

Support us by taking our online Linux courses Ubuhtu are thankful for your never ending support. For information on contributing see the Ubuntu Documentation Team wiki page. To do this, you should do one of the following: Learn how your comment data is processed. Wait for few seconds 90 seconds by defaultand check for the added services i.


Next, extract Nagios tarball and enter the extracted nagios directory, with the following commands. I found another post on google that helps with that problem. December ubunhu, at 4: For more information see Nagios website. This tutorial assumes that your servers have private networking enabled so that monitoring happens on the private network rather than the public network. Now visit net article to monitor Linux host and Windows host using Nagios server.

How To Install Nagios 4 on Ubuntu & LTS – TecAdmin

Submit it here to become an TecMint author. If you want uuntu restrict the IP addresses that can access the Nagios web interface so that only certain IP addresses can access the interface, find the following two lines:.

Nagios does not provide a Systemd unit file to manage the service, so let’s create one. To do that we have to install nrpe and nagios-plugins in our monitoring targets. A mysql-servers hostgroup now needs to be defined.

Copy the link address for the latest stable release so you can download it to your Nagios server. After installing and configuring Nagios core service, Download latest nagios-plugins source and install using following commands.


How To Install Nagios Core 4.1.1 In Ubuntu 15.10/16.04

Thanks a lot friend. Next, run the following command in order to install some Nagios sample configuration files needed by Nagios to run properly by issuing the below command. Save, then type the following:.

The use generic-service directive tells Nagios to inherit the values of a service template called generic-service which is predefined by Nagios. In the above and following command examples, replace “server01″”server02” Also, add nagios user in the Apache group.

Nagios can be configured to send emails, SMS messages, etc. The solution is described here: After successfully verify start the Nagios core service. November 21, at 7: Use the following commands to complete it. Yes, my password is: From the color code you should see the current services status: