Documents Similar To Monster Manual – Creatures of Rokugan by Azamor. Oriental Planescape – D&D 2nd – Monstrous Compendium – Appendix 1. Documents Similar To Oriental Adventures – Creatures of Rokugan. Oriental d20 – Redhurst Academy of Magic – Student Handbook (OCR). Uploaded by. Creatures of Rokugan – Shape-shifting tricksters. Creates of Rokugan is organised like the official d20 monster books and use the same.

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Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. And seeing how short shrifted and cluttered some of the creatures in the main part are being presentedthat is inexcusable! I was surprised when I did a page count as the book feels rather hefty; the book appears to be printed on rather heavy paper. Level Based Earn XP and level up. This is primarily concerned with two elements: Criaturas de Rokugan – Spanish Edition.

Appendix three provides some guidance as to how to best use creatures as encounters in Rokugan, and advice for adapting creatures from other d20 system products in Rokugan.

Obviously, for anyone using that setting, the book will be pretty important. There are a few rules that, unfortunately, you seem to have to have the Rokugan Campaign Setting to use, which I think is silly bordering on downright unacceptable, but for the most part you can simply pretend those rules aren’t mentioned, and get by just fine. More Information Edit History.

Creatures of Rokugan | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Join Date Jan Posts One thing I appreciated a lot rikugan these creatures is that many of them strongly suggest or even demand roougan solution other than combat. There is one greater terror and one lesser terror for each of the five L5R elements. To answer that query we must turn our attention to the latest D20 book for L5R. Finally, Creatures of Rokugan has a list of creatures by CR.


Darkness spawn appear like the base creature creatkres with less distinct features, but gain some spell like abilities including a fearsome shadow boltimprove abilities and stealth skills, and spell resistance and damage reduction that is bypassed by crystal. Faceless spirit armies driven only by vengeance. They have the unfortunately nasty attribute of being incorporeal, yet their spirit weapons and armor work fine for them.

The margins are modest, and the outside margin is filled with a shaded bar and a darker bar with the name of the creature on the page for ease of use.

The Silven Trumpeter Issue 13 – Aug Level equivalents are provided for playing many of these creatures like ashalan and naga. The illustrations are good to excellent. Join Date Sep Location brink of total screaming madness Posts 6, Most of these are primarily useful in Rokugan or another Oriental Adventures campaigns. Also, the appendix introduces a few new items such as the aforementioned jade and crystal weapons and further defines their effects.

Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition. Foul name-bound demons from the depths of Jigoku. They are crow headed winged creatures, c20 for their mastery of the katana. Therefore expectations were high! Tuesday, 13th May, Results 1 to 6 of 6.

Unlike most undead in this book or most others d20 system books, for that mattershiryo are not evil. Not the best of bargains, at first glance, it seems. Please select a support frequency.

Product Reviews Asgard Issue 5 – Mar I supported becauseā€¦ “I’m hoping to turn into a magical BruSteve chimera. Some other entries, like the Shadowlands madman template, or the lying darkness template, are very campaign specific, and may not work for everyone ceatures significant rejigging of the background and possibly many fo the creature’s abilities as well.

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The oni lords are described, but not statted, as they are said to be beyond the power of normal mortals to harm. Join Date Mar Posts But then again, AEG has produced some outstanding supplements for L5R so it might be worth its price.

Creatures of Rokugan

Oni and elemental Terrors. If the book failed on that front, frankly, it failed completely to be useful to me.

Powerful oni that can be summoned – but not controlled – by maho tsukai blood sorcerers. But while it is obvious that they put a lot of effort into the Rokugan D20 book, one wonders if they can keep it up. Like Ubume, Goryo cannot be permanently destroyed through combat. Creatures of Rokugan Shape-shifting tricksters. Add tags Tags separate by space: Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.

I found it odd that some of the naga, classified as large creatures, only have 1 hit dice. Even while some of this stuff is useful, almost all of it does belong into the Rokugan setting book, or at least someplace else, not a creature collection. I bought it — and I suspect many others who do so are like me — just to have more monsters I could use in any setting. There are usually 2 monsters per page, and with accompanying illustrations roughly two-thirds things become cluttered fast.

Creatures of Rokugan is a great resource for Legend of the Five Rings fans or Dungeons and Dragons players looking for something new and unexpected.

There is some setting specific info here: