CSD7 Servo Drive (EtherCAT Network type) User Manual Catalog Number(s): CSD7_**BN(F)1 Important User Information Solid state equipment has. CSD7 series servo drive have a various power range such as from W to 5KW. The CSD5 is a universal, stand-alone servo drive that can be used. CSD5 is a stand-alone type Servo Drive to use general purpose for overall factory The added features of CSD5 such as linear motor control solution and.

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Describes the protective function, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting. In case of servi failure that cannot be dealt with, please contact the company s technical support team or after-sales service center. It is the terminal where external condenser is connected if the condenser capacity of External Condenser B1 the servo drive is insufficient. B Important User Information Solid state equipment has operational characteristics differing from those of electromechanical More information.

Incorrect usage could lead to an electrical shock, damage to the unit or a fire hazard. Function Description The initialization of parameter is operated carefully.

Indicates the unit of measure of the object Access: In high speed range, torque limit according to current motor speed is automatically processed inside Servo drive. The motor is stopped by DB, and DB keep holding the motor even after the motor stop. If the velocity response level 0x, Ft The speed of the motor can be set from the drive for the jog operation.

Drive – Encoders – Encoder Output Forward Direction It set the pulse direction that is output from servo drive to external device. The most important thing to consider when installing the drive is the ambient temperature.


CSD5 Servo Drive User Manual |

After initialization, this state processes the initial settings of network. Position mode CSP using the position command of host controller includes all gains related to velocity and torque from starting point to the servo serfo as shown in the figure below. It occurs if DC link voltage is V or above because the regenerative energy is excessive.

High Performance Microstepping Driver. Even when the name of a parameter differs, if the number indication is the same, it is treated as the same parameter and saved as the cse5 one. When the speed command exceeds the speed value in [Ft Read this operation manual.

Upper section Lower section Upper section: Others Each chapter or paragraph has a page called before you begin before description.

Forward rotation is set as the CW direction. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

CSD5 Servo Drive. User Manual. Catalog Number(s): CSD5_xxBX1

The setting value is applied to both positive and negative torque as being different from the internal and external torque limits. Symbol Figure Description Make a twist pair wires where this symbol is located for the noise prevention. Mount all system components properly Connect all electrical system inputs and outputs. Throughout this manual, the following More information. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in More information.

The indexes of objects, displayed with hexadecimal Preface P-3 numbers of 4 digits.

CSD5 Servo Drive. User Manual. Catalog Number(s): CSD5_xxBX1 – PDF

Changeable at any time Servo off: The motor speed is limited by the set value of the 0x Ft Please read this document carefully before installing and commissioning the brake module! Throughout this manual, the following.


Inspection of Motor Servo motor does not have a brush that causes mechanically abrasive part. The ground screw should be tightened to 1. Absolute encoder is an encoder that can detect the absolute position of input. The selected parameter, as shown in the example above, displays both parameter and setting window, and the latter parameter displays only the parameter and not eh setting window.

For memorizing and maintaining the absolute position information, the absolute encoder shall be connected to a battery. The drive has to be servo-on first and to prevent the fall of the vertical load, then release the brake. Tuning by Gain Setting This chapter explains the servo drive setting that can achieve its optimum performance to satisfy different load system as controlling servo motor. Indicates the object size in byte.

CSD5 Servo Drive User Manual

The contents related to parameter setting are described in details in the Chapter 7 along with the functional description of the servo ccsd5. Corresponding gain 0x Ft Local regulations should be observed.

Description Setting Time on Ft Therefore, if position command is entered as the type to be changed rapidly that is to say, in case of high acceleration or high decelerationovershoot can be caused by position FF.