de Beaugrande, Robert-Alain und Wolfgang U. Dressler. Einführung in die Textlinguistik (= Konzepte der Sprach- und. : Introduction to Text Linguistics (Longman Linguistics Library) ( ): R. de Beaugrande, W. Dressler: Books. among elements). This utilization is carried out via procedures of ACTUALIZATION” (de Beaugrande and Dressler. 35). This definition is.

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Therefore, a science of texts is probabilistic instead of deterministic, that is, inferences by users of any particular text will be similar most of the time instead of all of the time. If a text receiver does not have prior knowledge of a relevant text, communication may break down because the understanding of the current text is obscured.

Intertextuality concerns the factors which make the utilization of one text dependent upon knowledge of one or more previously encountered text. Coherence concerns the ways in which concepts and relations, which underlie the surface text, are linked, relevant and used, to achieve efficient communication. Others differ because they take into consideration the topic of the texts, the producer and the addressee, or the style.

This notion of what is ‘with the text’, however, goes beyond what dessler said and written: Text type, the desirability of goals and the political and sociocultural setting, as well as cohesion and coherence are important in influencing the acceptability of a text. Crane, [10] A feature of texture is “sequential implicativeness”, as suggested by Schegloff and Sacks The grammatical dependencies in surface texts are major signals for sorting out meanings and uses.


This is more beaugrrande than an explicit version of the message that informs receivers the full consequences of digging without calling because receivers are left with a large amount of uncertainty as to the consequences that could result; this plays to the risk averseness of people. Therefore, in such a case, economical use of text is much more effective and appropriate than a fully cohesive text.

Situationality can affect the means of cohesion; less cohesive text may be more appropriate than more cohesive text depending on the situation.

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Text and context are so intimately related that neither concept can be comprehended in the absence of the other. Text is extremely significant in communication because people communicate not by means of individual words or fragments of sentences in languages, but by means of texts. Informativity concerns the extent to which the contents of a text are already known or expected as compared to unknown or unexpected.

The contribution to meaning by social statuses of the participants also fall within this feature. In other text types such as puns, for example “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana’, there is no need to refer to any other text. Log In Sign Up. Check date values in: Text linguistics is a branch of linguistics that deals with texts as communication systems.

The nearness and proximity of events in a text will trigger operations which recover or create coherence relations.

In order to do this both producer and addressee have to adhere to the pragmatic cooperative principle dresslre states that one has to make the maximum effort to enable a piece of intended communication to be a success.


More than just a feature of texts, coherence is also the outcome of cognitive processes among text users. You do not currently have access to this article.

Text linguistics

Discourse and Ideology in the Press. Respect a man, he will do the more. Conversely, the level of informativity should also not be so low beaugrwnde it results in boredom and the rejection of the text. Sitting on a wall makes it possible but not obligatory for falling down to occur. There is situational coherence when field, tenor, and mode can be identified for a certain group of clauses.

Applied linguistics Discourse analysis Systemic functional linguistics Text.

beaugrqnde In contrast to the rain which causes Itsy Bitsy spider to be washed out, the slow working does not actually cause or enable the low wage. There may be different interpretations with the road sign. Acceptability concerns the text receiver’s attitude that the text should constitute useful or relevant details or information such that it is worth accepting.

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