With compelling clarity, Henwood dissects the world’s greatest financial center, laying open the Intricacies of how, and for whom, the market works. The Wall. In , though, such arguments were pretty close to unheard of. Which is what makes Doug Henwood’s book Wall Street, published that year. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY. ADVERTISEMENT. Wall Street: How It Works and for Whom. Doug Henwood, Author Verso $25 (p) ISBN

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I read Wall Street and wondered at the time whether Henwood was right about the stock market not being a serious source of funds for business.

I realize, though, that the IPOs could never have happened without the larger makret providing a place to sell the shares. This henwoid presents the numerous financial models that have been devised to simulate the market.

Archived from the original on I very highly recommend this. Get it for free: Lapham’s dramatic documentary film, The American Ruling Class.

Doug Henwood

I cant wait to read his book on the end of the ‘new economy’, although after reading wall street I’m not sure what about it he would need to correct or change to account for the bursting of the dotcom or the housing bubbles, since some parts of the book read as if they were written in the middle of the TARP era. The book is composed of seven chapters as follows: However, it gives a larger view of what wall street is and how it operates.

Preview — Wall Street by Doug Henwood. As a percentage of total market cap, IPOs never exceeded 0.

Feb 18, Nick Klagge rated it liked it Shelves: This last chapter includes the author’s thoughts on a number of economic issues such hnewood social security, the Fed, investing socially, taxation, corporate transformation. This chapter discusses how the markets are intertwined, with a focus on credit, finance and the economy, allocation etc.


Good undergraduate-level overview of the academic literature on Wall Street and the financial services industry. He is a contributor editor at Atreet Nation. That is, they hope that the firm they finance will ultimately go public or be acquired by a public company.

Many words dohg the book have an erroneous space inserted in the middle. DH is often too facile with his examples–for instance, holding up Japanese keiretsu as an example of more equitable economic organization is a cartel really better for the little henwod Quotes from Wall Street: Also, in a world with Shleifer-Vishny limits to arbitrage, we may only be able to hold the weak efficient markets hypothesis or what Rajiv Sethi prefers to call the Invincible Markets Hypothesis hemwood, which says that it’s impossible to beat the market, but not that the market correctly values real-world assets–meaning that it may not be an efficient allocator of capital even when used as such.

I can only say: He then worked for two years as a copywriter and assistant to a medical publisher in New York. Not only direct funding by secondary offerings but also mergers and acquisitions by stock swap, compensation by stock options, etc.

From throughthe average was 0. Aug stredt, Doug rated it liked it Recommends it for: As the title indicates, this book is an introduction to Wall Street – how it works and for whom.

A bit hard to read and not too actionable. The needs of the bond markets long-term investments that are weakened by inflation have determined our low-growth economic policies and limited possibilities for unionization and economic equality in the U.

The Big Backdoor Bailout of Wall Street and Doug Henwood – Slog – The Stranger

As soon as the labor market gets tight and unions make gains, the banks tighten up the money supply and stop economic growth.

Recommended if you’re into this sort of thing. I could be putting together a play where a US-based left winger could be handy on the board, and he seems to know his way around the markets.


Tsreet, if you have a ton of money, you are pitted against economic growth. He is the author of a recent book entitled Wall Hwnwood and he reiterated points that he had made in the book such as the relationship between Wall Street and “Main Street”.

Jul 21, Jon-Erik rated it really liked it Shelves: Doug Henwood born December 7, is an American journalist, economic analyst, and financial trader who writes frequently about economic affairs. In addition it offers a relevant moderntake on Marxism that can also be refreshing to the moderate Keynsian.

If you’re in a position of influence, read the whole thing! Federal Communications Commission v.

Wall Street: How It Works and for Whom by Doug Henwood

The Liscio Report on the Economy. Of course it does provide funds to corps via IPOs, but as I show in After the New Economy, it does that most intensely when buying hendood offerings makes the least economic sense. Interesting in parts, overly minute in others. I got the odd extra spaces too. David3 rated it really liked it Aug 11, Home Comments policy Subscribe. I give DH a lot of credit: This chapter covers the main stakeholders including households, nonfinancial business, financial institutions, the government etc.

Sep 11, Robb Bridson rated it it was amazing. Oct 26, AC rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 25, Brad rated it it was amazing. I guess this is an example of the free-rider problem—I loved the ads, but someone else footed the bill.

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