In , Hasbro released the first Arcee toy that was a completely new sculpt in the Energon line. Energon is a line full of homages, and Arcee is a strong one. Energon Arcee – Image #1 of Energon Arcee – Image #2 of Energon Arcee – Image #3 of Energon Arcee – Image #4 of Energon Arcee – Image #5. Results 1 – 35 of 35 Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Energon Arcee Transformers & Robot Action Figures. Find the perfect.

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Arcee – Energon – Figure

The crossbow can be attached to either of the holes in the arms. The missile launcher has one regular peg at the bottom, a Mini-Con peg on the left enerbon two holes on the right, one of which is a Powerlinx port you can use to activate Mini-Con features on Armada figures or use to attach to other Energon weapons. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

The pipes attach to the back of the intakes at a slight angle. Cyberverse Ultimate Wave 1. She then allowed Kicker to ride her around on Iron Enerogn while fighting Decepticons. This is gallery 45 out of a total of 4, galleries. The mouth is subdued, allowing the facial features to be the primary details here. Saturday, December 29th, East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Her skills with an Energon bow are unmatched. Arcee was among the heroic female Transformers who appeared in one of Tigatron ‘s dreams to protect him from the evil female Transformers. In order to comply with the FTC’s endorsement guidelineswe hereby inform this site’s viewers that we occasionally receive sample products, content, or other forms of media from various companies in order for arcew to provide content endrgon interest to our readers.


Arcee (Energon)

Decepticon Army Down enerton the core of Cybertron, Arcee and the other Omnicons provided energon stars for Primusbringing him out of his hibernation state. Some eergon the links to external sites posted on this site may automatically be converted to an affiliate link for which we may be compensated. They eventually defeated Starscream by allowing him to drain all their energies at once, creating a two-way link that the combined Omnicons used to reverse the process and drained Starscream instead.

Attach the missile launcher to the scope.

Arcee – Energon energkn Figure Arcee “I know only two speeds Move the robot head up and forward. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. By combining the two intakes and attaching the tail pipes to the sides, you can give Arcee a giant, compared to her anyway, long bow. She served to rally the Omnicon forces and provide Kicker Jones with rapid, agile transportation through the dangerous interiors of Unicron.

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Red Product Dimensions 7 x 6. Bring the windshield forward and extend the lower section of the bike down. Retrieved from ” https: After spending years mining energon in the desolate depths of space, the Omnicon race qrcee a rallying point to keep them motivated and focused on their work. Stuff like Binaltech, Masterpiece Convoy and Unicron are all items that fans only dreamt about having a few years ago.

Enegron form is appropriate.

: Transformers Energon Arcee: Toys & Games

Please try again later. So she looks great, but what good is a motorcycle on the field of battle? Sure, this isn’t the same character and she doesn’t have the same alt mode, but it will have to do.


Pieces that also deserve mention are exhaust pipes, which attach to the back of each weapon. Her hips are not as free as they could be due to the motorcycle parts on them and she lacks a waist joint.

Moving quickly, Elita and Bumblebee tracked the source of the distortion to a tablet in the Otsuka Museum of Art, which was in the process of being stolen for Megatron by Reflector.

They returned with more energon supplies during the xrcee battle, but it had already concluded by the time they arrived. No new colors are introduced in this form, though there is more pink visible as her helmet is completely pink.

Compare with similar items. There, Elita Seven teased Cliffjumper over never eenergon gotten around to upgrade himself to a godlike super-being when he had the chance. The central crest gets a arcre of a flourish at the back where it slopes down then levels off. Having two weapons with a variety of ports allows for a lot of Energon weapon addition and even attaching Mini-Cons. Arcee is a fast and feisty young Omnicon.

As the Autobots prepped for an energon tower being delivered from Cybertron, Arcee supervised the Omnicons in clearing a landing spot on Jungle Planet for the tower to touch down. In fact, her package art actually shrinks down the weapon arcef a bit to get it to look more like a hand held crossbow.

Straighten these pieces out and swing the feet up.