Gorgeous (Paul Rudnick). Gorgeous. SUMMARY: Inner beauty wants out. When eighteen-year-old Becky Randle’s mother dies, she’s. When Becky Randle’s mother dies, Becky is whisked from her trailer park home to New York. There she meets Tom Kelly, the world’s top designer, who presents . Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 9 Up-An unsuspecting teen goes from a : Gorgeous eBook: Paul Rudnick: Kindle Store.

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There are things that will turn people off and there are things that pqul don’t want in their fairytale, but I’m not one of those people.

I was finding out something new in every chapter. Maybe even on just two or three fingers to be specific.

Gorgeous Book Summary and Study Guide

The there is Rocher, Becky’s beautifully-named-after-a-brand-of-chocolate best friend. I can’t really say what was real and what was fantasy or magic in Ny weird adventure.

What concerns me about this most of all is that preteens and teenage girls are reading this. Tom Kelly and his dresses take Becky on a wild ride — the cover of Vogue, a starring role in an action movie opposite the hottest actor, and even a meeting with the prince of England.

Soon Becky is remade as Rebecca – pure five-alarm hotness to the outside world and an awkward mess of cankles and split ends when she’s alone. I’m writing this review right now and even though there were numerous problems and I have some rage filled moments, I know that I’m just going to forget about this one probably within two weeks time.


Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick

Rather, there seemed to be a deliberate attempt to keep the reader on the outside, look Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick What an odd little duck this is. There is some kind of magic, or supernatural element that gorgoeus Becky become the beautiful Rebecca, but it is not really explained.

And when I think about it, the cover doesn’t reveal the female’s face. And all I can visualize is a faceless woman.

Her story is told in first person, so you really get a good feel for who she is through her own eyes. With only her minimum-wage Missouri job to lose, Becky agrees. I never quite bought the depth of her feelings pwul she didn’t spend much time with the guy. I loved the satire in the narration, it made it so you couldn’t make it through a paragraph without smiling.

Rocher is happy for Rebecca, and Rebecca sticks by her oldest friend. There is no other way to describe such a character. I did buy her relationship with her best friend Rocher, which is one of the highlights of the book.

Detailed Review Summary of Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick

I mean, was it God, was it magic, can we have had a little bit of insight as to how the heck it all happened?

In those moments, Rudnick shines. Or with her abiding love for her best-friend Rocher. I expected magic, or a crazy make over or the idea that Becky was beautiful all along. Dwarves dancing on tables! I also enjoyed that this wasn’t as incredibly ‘preach-y’ as I thought it’d be and the dialogue was perfect for the characters.


The Spoiler Queen: Gorgeous (Paul Rudnick)

Other than being the most originally irreverent take on a Cinderella story that I’ve ever read? From the duality of our personalities to how others see us, the dissection of beauty, sexuality rudnic the trappings of wealth and power, Mr.

In all truth I’m not sure how this book managed to get published as a YA book?

It’s so full of dirty words, innuendo and other adult themes that I would be careful about letting younger teens read it, but needless to say, the confusing YA rating didn’t get in the way of my enjoyment of the book!

I love that we got a hint of the impossibly beautiful Rebecca and the impossibly beautiful dress, without seeing all of them.

Kimberly Francisco on June 26, Yeah, my real rating is nine out of five stars. Apr 16, Heather rated it it was ok Rudnicck Becky Randle has always considered herself pretty plain.