The Way of the Shaman has ratings and reviews. Christine said: Harner is the creator of what is called Core Shamanism (the ‘shamanism’ and pr. In , Harner published The Way of the Shaman: a Guide to Power and Healing. Students in the United. This classic on shamanism pioneered the modern shamanic renaissance. It is the foremost resource and reference on shamanism. Now, with a new introduction.

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Apr 16, Clark Hugo rated it it was amazing Shelves: In day world view, if a living being can be controlled by man then it is weak and therefore not valuable as a spiritual helper.

I would stick to Rorschach anyway, of course, but I guess it’s way cheaper staring into some random rock instead of paying an expert to have you tested.

Michael Harner

It looks like it could be a fun, and possibly enlightening, game of psychology for a moderate-size group. Jallan on January 05, Life in an indigenous society is painted as quite idyllic in The Way of the Shaman, for example the Macaebos drank guayasa instead of coffee all day.


His view is that Shamanism was a once universal practice, with different and very separate cultures discovering the same things about a great spirit world that exists beyond the material world. Shamanism represents the most widespread and ancient methodological system of mind-body healing known to rhe. I should note that I read the 3rd edition of this book.


The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner

He subsequently returned to the Shuar for additional practical training in shamanism. Wandering in the other hharner willy-nilly is very dangerous. More like anything Jung wrote about alchemy. I found all of this a fascinating read.

Red Earth Press; Views Read View source View history. How crazy is that?

The Way of the Shaman

They come to us not knowing this truth. When I picked this book I expected to get a bit more research on the subject, not the author’s interpretation of what shamanism is to him. Michael Harner Michael J. Retrieved from ” https: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Harner has conveyed his shamanic knowledge first-hand through teaching and experiential work rather than through writing.

I did the exercises and went to the Underworld and found out that my power animal was a seagull. More of a how-to than a philosophical piece about Shamanism, Harner helps the reader to take on the practice of Shamanism on their own. Inhe did fieldwork among a neighboring Jivaroan-speaking tribe, the Achuaraand the following year joined the graduate faculty of The New School for Social Research in New York City. Jallan, if you’re trying to connect with the ways of the Celtic and Germanic ancestors, you won’t find your way there via Harner’s fantasies about Native Americans.

Despite that assertion, the cosmology presented in his core shamanism is very Abrahamic and most definitely culturally influenced. Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality was released April 9, I have a feeling that this book just wasn’t for me, but that is just me.

The Way of the Shaman Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism

Additionally, shamanic work provides an ecological framework in the time of a renewed distress over our disconnection from nature, a shaman does not distinguish between the environment and family. Mar 18, Amber Foxx rated it liked it. Harner argues that advances in the medical field have spurred near-death experiences which provide a window into another reality. The founder and president of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Dr.


Drumming plays a major role in achieving the proper state of mind. Fascinated by similarities between the validity of the experiences these ancient practices revealed and what I experienced while meditating prompted me to explore them further a few years later through podcasts like the Psychedelic Salon and the C-Realm.

The dancing itself, however, is no proof in itself, yarner way or another. Originated, researched and developed over nearly 50 years by wzy Michael Harner, the pioneer of contemporary shamanism, the Foundation’s training offers students the opportunity to learn and practice authentic, powerful, and effective shamanic healing methods to high ethical standards.

I seem to be unable to post in the “frauds” section of the forum so I’ll ask here. Look to the living cultures – the folk practices, songs, prayers, poems and beliefs that still live in the languages of the individual Celtic or Germanic cultures.