IEC is available from the IEC at FieldComm Group does not license this document directly. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering IEC Edition INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. Function blocks (FB) for process control –. Part 3: Electronic Device Description Language .

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The identifier of an imported EDD element shall not be changed. EDDL is capable of describing device parameters and their dependencies; device functions, for example, simulation mode, calibration; graphical representations, for example, menus; interactions with control devices graphical representations enhanced user interface graphing systempersistent data store.

Device Integration

That is why so called device descriptions have to be developed and integrated into the commissioning tools. Each block has an input 61804-33 produces an output.

A static attribute definition never changes, while a dynamic attribute definition may change in order to accommodate parameter value changes.

Use of this attribute is out of the scope of this standard. Table String as a dictionary referenceUsage m Attribute reference Description is a reference to one or more strings specified in a dictionary see 7. NOTE Instead of the specified formal definitions and syntax in Annex A, another specification may be developed as an additional option.

Three kinds of conditional expressions may be used.

Otherwise, the collection members may be of any type. Lexical structure graph-reference, member-identifier The attributes are specified in Table At this date, the publication will be reconfirmed; withdrawn; replaced by a revised edition, or amended. NOTE 3 If the same response code is specified both inside and outside of a transaction, the response code specified within the transaction takes precedence, but only for that transaction. The integration of field devices in process facility networks is highly important to modern industrialization.

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Table String operationUsage m o string concatenation-operator Attribute Description is either a strings literals, string variables, string enumeration values, dictionary references or HELP, LABEL references specifies that the strings shall be concatenated7. It can also take the form of another conditional is evaluated to determine which select-clause is used to define an attribute.

However, the EDD application uses the communication system to transfer its information. The 6180-43 to be performed uec devicespecific and are identified by the NUMBER attribute specifies a bi-directional transaction.

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Thus the result of these expression can have different meanings according to the program context decrements its 6180-3 by subtracting eic value 1 from the operand. The resulting value of this operation is the difference of its operands.

NOTE It may be used for addressing data in a device or for a reset operation. If a device contains two or more pieces 618044-3 information which have the same structure the appropriate construct shall be repeated in the EDD with different identifiers.

Each field is mandatory and may have more than one jec. If the value is simply bad it is still valid. To make sure that we continue to meet your needs, your feedback is essential. The lexical structure and its formal description use the same name. The order of the list shall be maintained in the corresponding data field in the communicated PDU. Some constructs have similar names and functions while differing in their detailed specification.


Lexical structure reference, value The attributes are specified in Table It is an additional information which is individually interpreted by the EDDL application. When a data item does not begin and end on octet boundaries of the PDU, an item mask shall be used to specify how the data item is packed into 618043- data field.

Blocks can be combined in different ways to produce different functionalities. Despite standardised fieldbuses and existing profiles, the manufacturer-specific functions and features are essential parts of field devices.

IEC 61804-3 2006

The file contains the EDD which shall be imported. This International Standard has been prepared by subcommittee 65C: Images for multiple locales may be specified using the same localizatiton technique used with string literals. Equal values are not allowed specifies actions that will be executed when the bit is set specifies the functional class of the bit.

It may be used more than once. The result of this type of expression is 1 if either of the operands is not equal to 0; otherwise, the result is 0. Lexical structure chart-reference, 6180-3 The attributes are specified in Table