System triflex® R | igus® 3D e-chain® for robotics applications. TRC Version – closed design. TRE Version – “Easy”-design- simply press cables in. TRL Version . IGUS TRIFLEX MOUNTING BRKT. Print Email Share. Model Number: 7ZA. IGUS TRIFLEX MOUNTING BRKT Learn More Configure Your Product. Whether light or heavy fillings, long or short robot arms – with the igus® RSP retraction Even larger triflex® R e-chains® can be guided safely up to ø mm.

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Please try again later. High torsion stability and defined torsion stop Modular design, can be shortened or extended freely With fiber rod option Easy installation Simple filling Available ex stock Also available as a complete solution, incl. Until Bastian receives payment, title will not pass to Customer.

Multi-axis robotic cable protection

Outside bending radius stop dogs If Customer is more than ten 10 days late for payment, Bastian shall have the right to terminate. Ends are elasticized for sealing. This order shall be governed by and construed and interpreted by the substantive and procedural laws of the State of Indiana regardless of any choice of law provisions.

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  EN 1677-4 PDF

Written notices required herein shall be sent to the address and person listed on the order and shall be deemed trifflex upon mailing. TRC Inner height Bi 1: We will process your application and get back to you within 10 days. Reliable and fast strain relief. While Bastian may modify the goods or materials at its sole discretion, the goods or materials shall at all times provide the same core functionality specified by customer.

Robots Reliably strain relieved, and optimally mounted on the robot due to the extension link.

Tight twisting and torsion motions occur specifically on the robot head. An injection moulded part, therefore extended and shortened “on demand”.

CFRobot Approximately different CFRobot cables are available from stock without cutting charges and minimum quantities. Cookies are important for a website to function correctly.

Energy chain for three-dimensional movement for robots – triflex® R

Limit position can be monitored, therefore avoiding significant damage during failures. Monday to Friday from 7 am – 8 pm. Welding robot High accelerations and direction changes are typical for robot motions.

Customer shall have no direct rights to resale. Industrial robot component catalogue PDF. Fiber rod modules Intelligent problem solution through directed pretension.

triflex® R 3D e-chain® specially made for robotic applications

Inner height Bi 1: Easily push cables in igud the flexible opening featured along the length of the cable carrier. We stand behind the products we sell.


Selection of robot types iguz to manufacturer and the required chain sizes according to diameter. TRL Inner height Bi 1: This distributes the torsion that occurs in robot applications across the entire chain length and increases the service life of hoses and cables. By using defined chips quantity and typewe are able to make reliable statements for motion control applications. This email is already registred in our system as a use. RSE Cost-effective igu system with deflection Specially customized for robots with small to medium payload.

UR+ Solutions | Igus – Cobot cable guidance – Universal robots

Modular system for convenient shortening and extending Width -index Part No. Should a force majeure event occur and last in excess of ninety 90 days, either party may terminate this agreement upon written triflwx with no penalty. Tile factory Significant dust and dirt loads on a palletizing robot in a tile factory.

High tensile force absorption due to the trailer mechanism