In contrast, IKN supplied a small cooler to a customer in Spain. It has 22 m² of aerated surface and 5 cooling fans, processing a nominal capacity of t/d. IKN developed the patented Linear Pendulum Suspension System to reduce the disadvantages of conventional coolers with roller supported movable frames. The initial development of the IKN Pendulum Cooler® started more than 30 years ago. Today, the latest design features state-of-the-art Coanda Wing®.

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In fact, the challenge cooller to optimize the gas flow under the cooler roof by utilizing almost every millimeter that is available and reduce the space underneath the grate. In addition, a significant number of references for pyro processing lines have been established in Europe and the Middle East.

As a consequence, IKN has stored spares for the critically needed parts in Sweidan Industrial Services’ Riyadh Warehouse; to reduce the lead time and deliver the items to the end users as fast as possible.

The cooler consists of a pendulum suspended grate with CDS, Smart Blades grate system, hydraulic drive and roller crusher. HeidelbergCement plant Hanover, Germany. Cooling chambers of IKN Pendulum coolers are free from any bearings, seals, hydraulic hoses, cylinders and lubrication. Morever before restarting plant make sure that your grate plates are covered under cold clinker also make sure that the air blaster operation do not removes this cold clinker cover during operation.

Snowman formation is the basic reason imn your problem, after maintanance clean all grate plates for blockage, etc make sure that the snowman formation potentials are reduced to minimum by looking into feed-fuel compatibility, burner position inside kln tipsufficient air flow in first fan s.

No, it is their experience in the cement industry that an efficient cooler can support only fuel efficiency. IKN is committed to provide superior products and services – including turn key projects – in a global context. As usual, the kiln hood and cooler housing is coolee for lowest dust recirculation and hence clear flame.


The cooler is in operation since October Design capacity is tpd. The results are in the table.

Anyone has expreience with it and how to solve for running plant for a long time? Fuel savings have been achieved accordingly. With this unique features at IKN Pendulum Cooler, finally, a system with partial recirculation was successfully installed at Line 1. The goal was to decrease clinker temperature and avoid clogging of grate slots.

Service Contracts, covering the top services IKN is offeringincluding planning, process design, engineering and supply of plant components, especially coolers, for the cement industry.

Is it a myth? Snowman formation have not occured anymore. Fuel efficiency is the key requirement to achieve the energy targets in the cement industry. Fror more information, please visit our partners’ website: The cooler consists of a pendulum suspended grate with Smart Blades grate system, hydraulic drive and roller crusher.

IKN Pendulum Cooler: Improving fuel efficiency

Since it will remain a backward running cooler which has to fit underneath the existing kiln piers, the space is very limited. The selected cooler fans are custom designed for handing the increased input temperatures. Ready for the future.

From clinker cooler retrofits to kiln upgrades and complete greenfield pyro systems, IKN GmbH offers what is required to build and operate profitable cement plants. Electrical power cooper of grate drive and cooling fans will be substantially reduced. Only 5 months later, the material was shipped. Summary JKLC have improved their plant productivity with increased recuperation efficiency, reduced power consumption and increased reliability by installing IKN pendulum cooler vooler their Sirohi unit and set a bench mark in the industry.

Clinker cooler with Coanda Wing® technology – IKN

For further deails, please rder to products. In addition, the electrical power coler of the cooling fans reduced substantially since the pressure drop is much less.


Improving fuel efficiency Needle felts: Upgrade of walking-floor coolers with Smart Blade grate system and Smart Seal. The equipment will be supplied in November in order to start the installation of the new cooler already in December Becase, your cooler is designed to cool and convey clinker of granular size mm. Please send the Kiln and cooler operation data along with Kiln feed chemistry as well as clinker then it will be easy to answer your question.

We will be able to cross 74 MTPA capacity this financial year. In order to minimize the time for the kiln stoppage, the new cooler was installed underneath the running kiln. In addition we noticed a demand in the cooler looking for options. Al Bana Cement Factory, U. The feed chemistry shall also be checked, high SM can also coolee to high dust circulation and instruct your operators to operate kiln with optimum torque.

All process data are better than guaranteed. Now, by installing hot air recirculation system, they have set up a new milestone by improving the WHRS performance by 25 per cent more generation with ckoler the efficient Ikb Pendulum cooler.

This CemProTec cooler replaced a Satellite cooler and is designed for tpd.

New IKN cooler for Argentina

The client was fully aware that only a tailor-made design can achieve these goals. The clinker moves smoothly from the static grate CDS without previous snowman formation. The installation was carried out in less than 2 months working 1 shift per day only.

The kiln hood with tertiary air take off and cooler housing are designed for lowest dust recirculation and low dust emission to the filter.