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Express habits of effective thinking involving analytical, critical and postulational thinking as well as reasoning by analogy and the development of intellectual thinking. Teorisii sufficient knowledge of foreign language to be able to understand Mathematical concepts and communicate with other mathematicians.

Week Theoretical Practice Laboratory 1. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of mathematics, its scope, application, history, problems, methods, and usefulness to mankind both as a science and as an intellectual discipline. Classrooms of Arts and Sciences Faculty.

Follow current developments about the awareness of the necessity of continuous professional gonksiyonlar and information and communication technologies. Liouville’s theorem ,Cauchy’s inequality,essential theorem of algebra,Singularities, zeros and poles.

Evaluates contour integrals in complex planes. Have the awareness of professional and ethical responsibility and legal consequences of information applications Use the knowledge about the field for the benefit to society.

Theory of Complex Functions Course Code: Be aware of the effects of information applications on individual, institutional, social and universal dimensions and have the awareness about entrepreneurship, innovation. Cauchy-Integral theorem and its consequencesreviews, be analytical functions andseries expansions around some points.

Knows programming techniques and is able to write a computer program. To be integral fomksiyonlar the complex plane, complex power series,Taylor and Laurent series expansions of functions, Singular pointsclassification and the Residue Theorem, some real integrals of complexcalculation methods, the argument of principle. First Cycle Year of Study: Evaluate and interpret data using the knowledge and skills gained in the fields of mathematics and computer science.


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Is able to mathematically reorganize, analyze and model problems encountered. This course covers complex numbers and its basic properties ,topology of the complex plane ,sequence and series of complex numbers, complex valued functions and its basic propertieslimit and continuity of the complex valued functions, complex differentationof the complex valued functions ,Cauchy-Riemann’s equationscomplex exponential ,complex power ,complex logarithmic and complex trigonometric functionsanalytic and harmonic functionsintegration of complex valued functionsCauchy’s integral theorem and Cauchy’s integral ,the derivative of Cauchy formula and applicationsLiouville’s theorem ,Cauchy’s inequality,esential theorem of algebra,Singularities, zeros and poles ,complex power series ,complex Taylor and Mac-Laurin series and Laurent series,classification of the singular points, residues,residue theorem and applicationsconform tranformations.

Basic properties of comlex numbers, Polar forms, powers, roots, domains. Week stereografic mapping, regions in the complex plane 5. Series of complex numbers, complex valuedfunctions 3. Evaluates some real integrals using complex integration technique. The complex exponential function, logarithms of complexfunction of the complex power function 6. Week hyperbolic function, inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic functions Preliminary Weekly and Related Topics Pages 1.

Week Final Exam 1st. Week complex valed functions, mappings, mapping by the exponential function 6.

Kompleks fonksiyonlar teorisi – Necdet San – Google Books

Week limits, theorems on limits, limits involving infinity, continuity 7. Demonstrate skills in solving problems which require methods of a variety of branches of mathematics to solve them independently or to collaborate with people, and judge reasonable results.

Develops maturity of mathematical reasoning and writes and develops mathematical proofs. Cauchy-Integral theorem and its consequencesreviews, be analytical functions andseries expansions around some points None Aim s of Course: Finds images of certain sets under complex linear functions and some elementary functions.

Is able to prove Mathematical facts encountered in secondary school.


theory of complex functions

Work effectively as an individual and as a team member to solve problems in the areas of mathematics and computer science. Contribution of the Course to Key Learning Outcomes.

Design and apply interactive experimental environments to get the definitions and first solutions of the problems of computer science and gonksiyonlar science and evaluate these environments. Complex hyperbolic functions 8. Cultivate the perspectives and the analytical skills required for efficient use, appreciation, and understanding of mathematics.

Limits, continuity and differentiability of complex functions. Communicate, mathematical ideas both verbally and in written, making use of numerical, graphical, and symbolic viewpoints. Complex power series ,complex Taylor and Mac-Laurin series and Laurent series,classification of the singular points. Possess theoretical and practical knowledge in mathematics, computation and computer science.

Mapping by elementary functions. Week addition and multiplication, algebraic properties, vectors and modules, complex congugate 2. Week Final Exam 2nd.

kompleks fonksiyonlar teorisi

Week analytic functions, harmonic functions, reflection principle Week derivatives, differentiations formulas,Cauchy- Riemann equations 8.

Exponential, feorisi, trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, Analytic and harmonic functions. Giving a series of numbers and series of complex. This course aims to investigate complex numbers, their notations and properties and introduction of the complex functions theory and give the complex sequences and series ,the conceptions of limit,continuity,complex differentation and entire functions and theorems related with these and applications.

Algebra of complex numbers. None Recommended Optional Programme Components: Uses effective scientific methods and appropriate technologies to solve problems.