Question about Primrose: “Dear Lisa Valdez, Please never ever write another book again. Dear reading public, those of you who are coming to the Passion. Lisa Valdez was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but grew up in Los Angeles, California. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from UCLA. Bedtime Story (Erotic Bedtime Stories Book 1) – Kindle edition by Lisa Valdez. (from PATIENCE) will wait for her to finish PRIMROSE in her own good time.

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You should have seen the way he looked at us, Mrs. TBA Available soon from Amazon. I’m afraid had trolls not existed your girl would have invented them.

All my thanks to my readers for your continuing readership.

Despite the fact that her cheeks felt on fire, Prim couldn’t help staring, for his phallus was unlike any she’d ever seen-unlike Wilson, her butler, who enjoyed his daily fellatio from Mary, the upstairs maid.

He let his head fall forward and stared down at the excruciating bulge in his trousers.


Suddenly she saw herself from his perspective—as nothing more than a fortuitous fuck—a willing partner in a brief, anonymous exchange of lust. Suddenly, she looked very young. Tears stung her eyes. I hope you will check back next month, when I will post another update. As if the very blood in her veins were drawn to him. He turned back to her.

And I am never remiss.

Similar authors to follow

Only she wasn’t at home, and this wasn’t a dream. His mother had been small and fine boned What if she has a child who was diagnosed with something and she’s been living at a hospital with him or her? His wife died three years ago in a tragic riding accident. Situated on the forward promontory of a high, broad plain that jutted from the mountainside, the castle overlooked the rolling valley and river below.

Lisa Valdez | Penguin Random House

Alone and in anguish. I love Prim she seems to be as naughty and wild as Passion. I will be checking in to reply to comments. Tears for her lost dream. There’re writers who’ve taken time off because of health problems Robin Schone, Lida Howard -who’s come back with a collaborator in towof a tragic family loss Sharon Salaor because they are vadlez a vacation in the clink Megan McKinney.


She does not even take the trouble to update her website regularly. Lady Wilton would be at “the ball. Emma I think GR should remove this book from its pages. Now, you sound like a most forgiving and kind soul and Lisa Valdez is very fortunate, indeed, to have your loyalty and your silver coin. His embrace was paradise and everything I did, I did willingly.

The gray-haired butler looked as steady and composed vldez ever. Jun 24, Sinead6uk marked it as to-read.

You’ll have your answers soon enough. You can buy 10 copies of each of her two books and 11 copies of her short story, You may show the Valdez as much loving support as you like, Pauline. Luke forced his breathing to slow. Valdez’s books but she is consistent with this whole “not wanting to primroe her fans informed about what is going on with the books” thing.

Prim clutched Charlotte’s hand. Dawn rated it it was amazing May 10,