Six Suspects . Vikas Swarup They are a glitzy bunch, but among them the police find six strange, displaced characters with a gun in their. Review: Six Suspects by Vikas SwarupHirsh Sawhney sifts through some daft writing for the clever nuggets in a sprawling Indian satire. Here’s a question for its author, Vikas Swarup: Can a novel be any more high- concept than ‘Six Suspects,’ by Vikas Swarup JUNE 24,

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I have just finished reading this book and was vikss jumping out of my arm chair after the divulgence of the suspense which is not usually the case with other bestsellers who-dun-it and that was too in the last line of the last paragraph of the last page of the book. Dan saya penasaran sekali siapa itu Vikas Swarup dan seru atau tidakkah novel yang ditulisnya. Ooops, Mazhar Bhai, that gives me a boost to write a book.

Six Suspects (novel) – Wikipedia

His appearance seemed so random, and I’m still not really sure what he was doing there. Hi Sajith, Gr8 review.

While I enjoy foreign settings, and am fond of India especially, Swarup’s one American character was so ridiculously stereotyped and stupid, and swwrup, peppering his every sentence with aphorisms and simlies until I ground my teeth in irritation that it made me doubt his other characters were any more realistically drawn.

Dihadapan Ritu, Munna tidak bisa berbohong. Damn, Vikas, find yourself a better bloody editor.

So, why not try for a copyright from Vikas this time? The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. So, sooner we can expect a movie out of this Novel also. Itu cuma salah satu contohnya, masih ada beberapa contoh lain yang bakal menjadi spoiler kalo aku sebutkan Altogether, it demands much time and energy from the author. Never have villains been so villainous, nor girl-victims been quite so piteous. I started the book thinking it will be about a tout murder mystery case with six suspects.


Indeed, as the book lays out in its first few pages and resolves in its conclusion, the story is never really about Vicky Rai so much as India as a whole and the corruption that runs rampant in all systems that exist there.

You can also find references to Nitish Katara and Satyendra Dubey murder cases. swaruup

SIX SUSPECTS – VIKAS SWARUP Reviews, Summary, Story, Price, Online, Fiction, Nonfiction

Then of course the Slumdog Millionaire became a big hit and e It was also fun to get into these six different stories – some were more successful than others – and I learned to appreciate them all at one point or another. Waktu itu saya baru tahu kalau film Slumdog Millionaire ternyata diangkat dari sebuah novel.

The fast-paced dialogues between Vicky’s father, the home minister, and his various underlings illustrate well the corruption that burdens Indian bureaucracy.

Is it the Home Minister of UP himself given the contract to kill his son? Review on Six Suspects – Vikas Swarup. Will you kill your son?

Latar belakang budaya India dalam cerita ini sangat menarik. Return to Book Page. This is one of the innumerable instances in which Swarup borrows from actual political events, but his attempts to graft front-page headlines on to plot make for superficial, encyclopaedic reading. I’ll buy it after exams!! But kudos to Swarup- You scored one against all those corny and cheesy Asians we got from some western authors.


Dulu saking serunya saya sampai tidak memperhatikan kalau isi buku ini dibagi menjadi 6 bagian. Or there is another one who got amazing capability to fool the system? I have heard about it several times but didn’t find it interesting after reading reviews on the internet.

Its main strength lies in the focus on the murder suspects over the crime sudpects victim, which are really incidental in the exploration of how someone can be driven to murder or is really just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Feb 23, Semuanya tampak berjalan baik sampai Munna mendapat ancaman pembunuhan melalui telepon kalau dia tidak segera menjauhi Ritu. Inspired by actual events, Vikas Swarup’s eagerly awaited second novel is both a riveting page turner and an insightful peek into the heart and soul of contemporary India.

Delhi underbelly

Tapi setelah Larry datang ke India, apa yang ditulis gadis itu melalui surat semuanya palsu. I found it too zwarup and gruesome to be a comedy, but too ridiculously contrived to be taken seriously. Books are not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis of the soul.

Karena seiring berjalannya waktu, ada banyak fakta-fakta mengejutkan yang muncul.