Andrija Puharich was one of the world’s leading innovotive scientists. {He passed away in } His primary work had been to bridge parapsychology and. Andrija Puharich: One Step Beyond. Andrija Puharich was born on February 19, in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Henry Karl Puharich. He is known for his work. Andrija Puharich, born Henry Karel Puharić (–) was a medical doctor and a parapsychology researcher, who endorsed psychic.

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In earlyPhyllis V. According to Puharich the computers sent messages to warn humanity that a disaster is likely to occur if humans do not change their ways.

Extremely Low Frequency Cocoon Corp.

Are you an author? The psychologist Christopher Evans who reviewed the book in the New Scientistwrote that although Puharich believed in every word he had written, the book was credulous and “those fans of Geller’s who might have hoped to have used the book as ammunition to impress the sceptics.

When you see two circles move together, they form a vesica-pisces.

English Choose a language for shopping. Views Read Edit View history. I tried, but it was impossible because of the medical pressure. Under the control of “Hoova,” he was sent to intervene on earth and Puharich was to assist Geller.

At home Karel’s parents always called him “Andrija,” which apparently wasn’t his name at birth but just his parents’ nickname for him. One reason I wrote My Story was to give my own version of events, though I must emphasize that there is a slight possibility that some of my energies do have extraterrestrial connection. And Uri, like countless others, has embellished his mission with fanciful space-age symbols. Well, now it’s coming out.


Andrija Puharich – IMDb

Puharich first made contact with The Nine, a group of high beings who have had a long and direct involvement with humanity’s evolution. The judge ruled that the invention couldn’t work because E. Puharic bad for an Extra-Terrestrial.

Of course, now they’re using it in covert warfare with the U. According to Puharich the beam was based on the work of Nikola Tesla and could be used as a weapon to control people. They are all just pointers on how the mind works.

Somebody put two and two together and said: You look into this strobe light, a single point source, and you adjust the frequency of the strobe to your own alpha -waves. Did you try and bring him to the U. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience.

A few months ago. Puharich met Uri Geller in and endorsed him as a genuine psychic. Puhaeich is the outcome of regular dialogues conducted by a specially-formed investigative group.

It shocks every sensibility. He was intact and wasn’t hurt at all. They will be the most disappointed of all”. It’s an ordinary strobe light, but very high-powered. Peter Hurkos — Psychic Sleuth. They give me a warning and take care of these CIA turkeys and such. They had Geller bending metal, teleporting things,demonstrating incidents of telepathy and clairvoyance-these things were happening all of andrima time. What about your own career? Seeing that humanity faced a critical surviva1 test – neutralizing AIDS –Puharich focused his energies on this challenge.


Andrija Puharich

He left the apartment they were in to go jogging. Available for download now. When I was in London July ‘ A Skeptic’s Handbook of Parapsychology. Uri did get prosperous enough that he’s able to live around the world.

Is Legionnaire’s disease a Russian plot? These ouharich concocted a smokescreen around Geller so that no one would take him seriously. I named it after Nicola Tesla, whom I consider one of my most important teachers.

Andrija Puharich – Wikipedia

For concerns on copyright infringement aandrija see: They said to me, “This guy could start World War 3! Puharich wrote a supportive biography of Geller, a subject he had investigated with the help of Itzhak Bentovamong others.

I know this because I trained many of the psychics involved in the psychic warfare operation.

Puharich also investigated Mexican psychic surgeon Pachita. These psychics are under the influence of a super high power. But you haven’t been afraid to risk your reputation doing parapyschology. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It made medical practice look foolish.