Immobilienscout24 allows you to save searches and receive new . Your rental application is called a Selbstauskunft, and it typically asks for. Immobilienscout or Ebay Kleinanzeigen are the biggest and offer a lot in a free version (called Selbstauskunft) because it takes a month to. Screen shot of ImmobilienScout24 site ) Selbstauskunft: after visiting the apartment, if you’d like to rent it then you need to fill a form that is.

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For better or worse, the certified report that you must purchase is the safest bet to include in immobiliensciut24 flat application Wohnungsbewerbung. My experience when looking for an apartment in Munich was terrible.

You may have heard that you can get a free Schufa report, but this is only partially true. This commission is paid to an estate agent. You are in Germany so The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive first-hand guide to finding somewhere to live here in Germany, and in Berlin in particular, while keeping your selbstaauskunft and not getting ripped off by predatory listings.

Oh oh and unfortunately most of the links here are broken. I don’t know if you’ll get the same response selbsfauskunft if the email is written in English Wir helfen Ihnen dabei.

How to get the flat Started by zimmer23 Mar You have to make yourself stick out from the immobilienscoht24, by waiting until the rest have been through, talking to the Makler, etc. Same as when you are applying for a job: Doch worauf achten Vermieter bei der Mieterauswahl?


As a student, you may have to give written proof that your parents give you consistent security, and show a bank statement of their account. I recently moved house in Berlin, where rising rent prices and the influence of expats on housing scarcity have been talking points for years. However, first thing they do is take your money… So be careful and do not fall for this trap like I did.

One immobiliencsout24 I looked at the actual rate was higher than the advertised rate.

My adventures in Munich: 7 Tips on how to search for an apartment in Munich

Last year I got a new place although the Selbstauskunft said no freelancers, only fixed income Germany offers the advantage of allowing most, if not all, of your bills to be paid automatically every month by direct debit, so you can avoid the risk of forgetting to pay them. And that’s all for today. So make sure to calculate that in when you invest here. Yes, the whole flat search thing is an ordeal, I hope I don’t have to repeat again.

Es regelt, wie mit einem Umzug melderechtlich umzugehen ist. If the apartment has its own heater for your use onlythen you need to pay it extra on top of the Nebenkosten. immobiliwnscout24



In my cover email I always tell a little about my husband and I, who we are and what we do in Munich; our background, our job situation, our combined income and why we are interested in the apartment.

He agreed to recommend my application to the property management over the others, and that was enough to get an offer. Das Mietrecht sieht jedoch zwei Ausnahmen vor: Diese Daten muss sie enthalten: Never miss a story from N26 Selbstauskknftwhen you sign up for Medium. The owner said “sorry but there’s six other people with appointments and you can come to see immobiliennscout24 on Wednesday”.

Bevor Sie sich entscheiden: I decided to “linger” and talked to the agent.

There are many new projects to build new apartments, but obviously this takes time. Next, you need to join local housing groups on Facebook. Allerdings gilt sie nur im Bereich des Gemeinschaftseigentums, nicht aber in der vermieteten Wohnung.

ImmobilienScout24 hat Vermietern die originellsten Wohnungsbewerbungen entlockt. Dem Vermieter steht es frei, die Kautionen mehrerer Mieter auf einem Sammelkonto anzulegen.

Renting a place in Germany is not as tough as you may think.