Inner Klean Diet book This diet cleanses you down to the Cellular Level! This 6- DAY PLAN allows you all of the fresh fruits and vegetables you. Description. NOW AT THE LOWEST PRICE IN HISTORY! It’s not a diet, it’s a FEAST! Six day feast of fruits and vegetables designed to detoxify the body at the . 95 CLIFTWOOD DRIVE NE ♢ SUITE C ♢ SANDY SPRINGS, GA ♢ [email protected] ♢ INNER KLEAN DIET SOUP.

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It is full of minerals from the vegetable. Klen, Life and Layout. Dessert – fresh fruit Beverage – 8 oz milk if desired Between lunch and dinner drink all the fruit and vegetable juice you desire.

Thousands of Concept-Therapy students have used this feast and experienced greater energy, a clearer complexion, brighter eyes, and greater health and well-being. Day 6 is just to insure the cleanse.

I brought that mixture as well. Continue on until the end of the 6th day. Nature is merely cleaning you out. After this, I will continue on with a weightloss diet.

The sensible and logical thing to do is to take the car to a mechanic and have the carbon cleaned out. In addition, there are enough specially selected protein foods to sustain the body over the 6 days. The Inner Klean Feast includes most fruits and vegetables with a few exceptions. I am posting it, in case anybody wants to give it a try. SlayadragonMar 29, At one point I even smelled food coming through the vents. I guess you stay away from sugar?


One half pound of fresh fruit. That should make it at least palatable, if not downright delicious. I will update you guys with my progress throughout the diet and once it is over. June 7, at 7: Someone told me to watch the Pens vs.

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So, like a trooper, she is doing the cleanse with me. This diet sounds really good at the moment, which must mean I am in need of more vegetables. Just use the broth and toss the veggies, as all the nutrients are in the soup. Then there were people at the vending machines and people waiting for their food in the microwave.

Cottage Cheese or Yogurt – 5 level tablespoons, no more, no less. When a sufficient amount of these live substances reach the cells of your body, there will be a flushing and a cleansing such as you have never experienced before. View my complete profile.

Natural Detox Diet (Inner Klean Diet) | ProHealth Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and Lyme Disease Forums

Apparently, this mixture starts to flush the system and eats away the acid in your stomach. So when you say you can eat whenever you want, it just has to be the vegetables, right? I asked if the lemon crap was necessary. Give it a try.


No coffee, tea or water. After 6 days it is recommended that you increase the protein content. My reasons for this were twofold: Maybe it will be something you want to try, maybe not. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Can I do this? Salad – make a chopped salad of fresh raw veggies. After the second day, the headache from caffeine and sugar subsides. These symptons are quite natural and to be expected. I did this in September and I did have a headache for the first couple of days.

He said I can drink it cold. BxGirlJul 23, Did the effects last? All my cravings are gone. There is no protein in this diet.

This is for 6 days. I lost about 6 pounds. What if I start to get the shakes?